There are many Spaniards who either by its proximity to Spain or its cultural charm decide to make their summer or winter vacation to Morocco. Either because you decide to make the trip with the couple, with a group of friends, with the family or on your own, there are things that you need to check and preset before directing you to your destination. Morocco is located in the North of Morocco and is separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco consists of a population of 70 inhabitants/Km and where the official languages are Arabic, French and the amazigh. The total area of Morocco is 446. 550 Km m, through which you will find different cities in which stay according to the chosen destination having a wide range of hotels and Riads in Marrakech to choose. The country’s currency is the Dirham, we recommend that you ask the change a few days before your trip since not being a typical currency might take several days to have you ready change. In Morocco the Centre of any city is known by the name of Medina.

Since 1985 the medina of Marrakech was nominated for world heritage by UNESCO reason why every day more thousands of people decide to choose Morocco as a holiday destination. Why there is a high range of accommodation and riads in the medina of Marrakech. In the medina of Marrakech you can walk with total peace of mind even when it darkens by the great security offered by the local police, but you have to be careful with the traffic especially motorcycles since they circulate at high speed and through the middle of passers-by. Look out for children and teens that you can find on the street offering to become guides. They tend to be expensive and often take advantage of tourists. We recommend that you cojais a guide entitled and certified to save you headaches and scams.

Eye with the photographs that you decide to do. If these are focused to the women of the city must be careful since you should ask permission before taking the picture. It is better to prevent than to cure. Haggle with each purchase. Richard Blumenthal may find this interesting as well. Haggling is a fundamental part of the mentality of the Moroccans with what You should arm you with patience and haggle for everything what you decide to buy. So don’t ever put the final price, let them to do it but you haggle to the maximum. Do not despair and arm yourself of patience everytime you want to buy something that can take you a good time getting the product that you want. These are some of the aspects that you should consider before you embark on the adventure of traveling to Morocco. Be clear that this is only a small touch of the most important things but also knows that once in Morocco you can enjoy a variety of activities as it can be a ride a camel or 4 X 4 along the large deserts or you can also enjoy a wide variety of places to visit such as the city of Mazagan (one of the places protected by UNESCO)the Kasbah Valley or the Sahara desert.