Ukraine Travel Inside The Crimean Part 2

After one breakfast more than adequate in our hotel Simferopol Olga and I decided to have our journey along the coast of Yalta and the trip west. The Sun was strong and the sky was blue for what we went, straight into a traffic jam! Crimea is very popular during the summer with the Russians and Ukrainians and Yalta is the most popular destination of all, joined the line and edge our departure from Simferopol. He had not travelled far when we saw a large, but left the House and decided to take a look. Crimea is full of memories of their history and the legacy of their conquerors. Apparently, the period during which the Italians occupied this country was one of the good times and some grandeur, and left after Yes many fine mansions and large houses and small.These houses share a style and age (approximately 200-300 years) and were clearly very beautiful in her day and a sharp contrast to much of the USSR, the construction of Russia that would follow years later. In defense of the Soviets faced to the enormous task of rebuilding their country immediately after the 2nd World War and the priority was to build housing as much as possible as quickly as possible, a clearly successful task with great success.

This construction has not stood the test of time, but I actually suspect that it was never designed. It was a quick fix that, due to the circumstances never is fixed. We continue our trip quite slow to Yalta, taking a pause from the conveyor of traffic to pull in one of the banks of the road many cafes / restaurants bordering the road. The minimalist style clearly hasn’t reached these parts, maximalism is the King here. The restaurant he had chosen was full of elves of plastic life-size, animals and structures of wood all over the place.