Using Cutters Correctly

The main purpose of today's paper cutters that are used in minitipografiyah – treatment of small and medium-circulation paper and paper products. Scope cutters impressive – it's ready and trimming circulation, and cutting into sheets of rolled materials or large paper, and processing of goods at the intermediate stage, in particular, the alignment blocks before stitching, etc. Depending on the characteristics of cutters, They can be divided into three types: roller cutters, and guillotine shears Reciprocating cutter (guillotine). Cutters firms Dahle, Ideal, Kw-Trio can be attributed to the most common in the Russian market offset printing. In our time Russian market offset printing were widely cutters manufacturers such as Dahle, Ideal, Kw-Trio and many others. Roller cutters to handle only a small amount of paper products used roller cutters or . They allow the undercut edge with high accuracy, and certain models can do the segment of the band width of less than 1 millimeter.

This high accuracy makes the roller cutter for interesting photo salons, design offices, architectural workshops and similar organizations. All manufacturers and models are similar, usually distinguished only by the length of cut. But there are exceptions. Since cutter Dahle 500 series helps conduct figured segments of several species. Reciprocating cutter Consider the following type of paper-cutting equipment – saber cutter. This type of cutters, in contrast to the previous one, can handle a much larger number of printed products. Sometimes these devices are so large that they are placed on the floor. Reciprocating paper cutters already have a security system operator.