Van Nao

The eve of Songkran, April 12, said Wang Long : Thai families are busy cleaning their houses and burning unnecessary things, it is assumed that all the bad things belongs to the old year, and there it should be and leave. April 13 begins Van Nao – preparation day, when around Chiang Mai are preparing food for the traditional ceremonies the next day and collect sand for construction of a small chedi in the courtyard of the temple, which will be decorated with paper flowers, streamers and flags. Thus pay tribute to Buddha and the temple. April 14 – Van Payavan: early morning in the Thai family in the new garments are the temples of Chiang Mai, to present food to monks. Going on a long table a huge number of trays and bags with food. Probably about the ritual offerings of food to monks, I'll tell some other time. In the afternoon, in temples and homes is the Thai ritual bathing of Buddha statues with perfumed water rose petals and begin the universal triumph of pouring water on each other. Van Pakpi runs April 15: on this day to express gratitude and respect for elderly relatives.

In former times there was a ceremony where elderly family members to help take a bath and change their old clothes to new. Young wash their hands for older relatives, to the streets with silver bowls and sprinkle respectable passers-by with water to honor and respect for blessing. Water is still symbolizes cleansing, renewal of spirit and all the good things that are associated with life, just a couple of drops can not do, and in many towns and tourist resorts "wet" all in a row of guns, hoses, buckets.