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I have given this title the post, because apparently people do not believe in such proposals as published in this article Allado on 26/7/09 Vanguardia Digital offers some tour operators. Do not quote, because they are spelled in articulo.Unos say it is subliminal advertising. Others, who at the end (time to decide), nothing is accomplished.Others, that it is all decrimento of service quality and prestige of the brand offered, etc…Vosotros / as What do you think HOLIDAY LOW Costle travel agencies launch campaign offers more aggressive tourist promotions a osUna they are giving more to say is that has launched a strategy with which the portal has signed an agreement with the customer for which this is going on vacation without paying anything for adelantadoANT NIA JUST CIA Barcelona 26/07/2009 Each with its strategy, but with the same aim: to sell vacations. And not only with the classic 2×1, adjusting prices and giving away free nights or stay of the children. Traditional travel agencies on line and have put their machinery to work to get to market more aggressive sales strategies that have been recalled in years.Everything to stem the decline of tourists from more than 20 which is expected this verano.Reconquistar the tourism islasEl proximity to that of the Spanish coast, is one of the products have better output this summer, according to all respondents . “We had not sold almost never the product of our coast and is now growing at around 20 by people who have resigned or Riviera Maya Costa Rica,” say the makers of Viajes El Corte English. Those who are better off leaving the islands, so as the Balearic Islands, where the sales volume to these destinations grows on the order of 6 compared with other years. “They’re recapturing the islands,” says Roger Graell, marketing director of promotions that are giving more to say is that it has launched with “treatment”. One strategy that the portal has signed an agreement with the client why this is going on vacation without paying anything in advance. Upon his return, quoted by the travel and the services it deems most fair price.”It’s a risky campaign, but you must believe in the product, have the support of hotels and rely on the honesty of people,” says Oscar Morera, head of marketing through “the treatment” have offered a total of 500 destinations, hotel stays mainly Spanish and European trips to places like Egypt, Punta Cana, Gambia and Madeira, where they have been offered flight and hotel, escapes three or four days at hotels mainly Spanish airline tickets or just return to places like Lanzarote, Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria Zurich. “It is a pilot project which meets the need for hoteliers to sell rooms. Before having them empty and does not charge have decided to participate in the test,” says Isabel Bernabe, head of communications.”How to catch the customer’s last moment when there is so much supply on the market We have committed ourselves to make a deal,” he concludes Morera.Y Oscar this year is that we no longer speak last minute, but the very latest hour. “As we took in June and July, the time between booking date and the day that you travel has been reduced from 23 to 14 days compared with last year,” said Roger Graell, marketing director of .