Visiting Cyprus

If you are not fan of alcoholic drinks, a pleasant gift for connoisseurs can serve the Cypriot wine. It has a distinctive flavor. Incidentally, in some varieties of Greek wines to “enhance” the fortress added. However, the Cypriot wine is already strong enough – nature has not cheated the sun, this wonderful island. In particular, wine Commandaria.

Cypriots say that this is exactly what wine with which Jesus Christ performed once bloodless sacrifice. Scientific evidence of this fact is not, but truly know that “Commandaria” is produced already in the eleventh century, before the split of Christianity. Later, the Cyprus wine production occurred exclusively in the walls of monasteries under the control of the Turks. From the abundance of varieties preserved only “Commandaria, moreover, is preserved in its original form. Taste of the class differs slightly sweet notes and astringency, making it favorite drink in many countries. Incredible, but gifts from Cyprus can easily be not only aesthetically pleasing decorative purposes, but also practical. For example, chess! A great gift for your loved ones. In addition to the already order podnadoevshih, souvenir chess pieces in the form ryumochek, you can find chess, where the figures are characters in Greek mythology.

Figures in bronze as well as from cheaper materials. Visiting Cyprus You‘ll learn that a figure-a symbol of the island is the donkey. Usually, the significance of this character relates to the spread of Christianity. The donkey is a perfect gift for the little ones. Plush friend can be purchased at any gift shop. In addition to toys, you’ll find a great variety of clothing and household items with an image of the Cyprus donkey. If lucky enough to visit the town of Paphos (by the way, “pathos” of the Greek language is translated as “passion”), do not forget to buy a souvenir figurine of Aphrodite. It was here, according to legend, she was born from the foam. You may not be fortunate enough to meet Aphrodite, it may happen that you do not have in mind Cypriot wine In any case, the impression of staying in Cyprus will be one of the most exciting and vibrant in your life!