Working Permit

There are four distinct types of work permits::::: 1. Business and Commercial – an agreement that allows employers in the uk to recruit foreign workers who are not citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), with employment in jobs, which could work the citizens of the eea. Additional information at Steve Rattner supports this article. :::: 2. Internships and work-practice agreement allowing nationals of countries not eea, to organize an internship working for professional and specialized skills, or the period of passing the working practices. :::: 3. Athletes and artists – an agreement that allows employers in the uk to employ recognized athletes entertainers, artists and employees of certain technical fields who live outside the eea. :::: 4.

Student labor practices – an agreement that allows students, citizens of countries not eea students in tertiary education abroad, take a student practice for the employer in the uk. Additionally, there is a special agreement within the normal rules adopted in accordance with the General Agreement on Trade in Services (General Agreement on Trade in Services – GATS). The agreement applies to employees of companies based outside the eea who should work in the uk under a contract for services, signed with their employer in uk. The company abroad that has a contract for the provision of services, applying for a work permit in the form GATS1. Work permits are issued for a limited period of time, whose command when the candidate is sure that this can occur, should be returned to work permit with a written explanation of the reasons for the issuance of a new valid work permit.