Wrong Dissatisfaction

And related to the above, together with increased dissatisfaction, is a related increase in stress, boredom, exhaustion and rustout. Rustout is the lack or deficiency not of energy, but the passion many people are "living", but at the same time, they lack a sense of importance, "meaning" in what they do. At day's end, many admit that they are in it for the wrong reason. In many cases, instead of exploring the nature of the dissatisfaction by going "inside" and see the true reasons for their dissatisfaction, many workers seem to find fault, blame, and criticize the externals: the education and training, health and pension programs (although, today, is totally legitimate), management, and environmental conditions, etc. At the end of the day, however, many people without ever having been burned in the fire.

In order to be "someone" you are allowed to be devoured by "the company" and spend relentless amounts of energy and time (a lifetime, for many), scratching and clawing their way up the corporate ladder to achieve business success, but at what cost? To be 'someone? "For many disgruntled workers, who have set aside their dreams (once, real dreams) and instead of adapting their lives and personalities to what the market demands, for example, to arts and sciences" power dressing ", power lunching, having / creating" winning personality ", etc … while seeping into the state of emptiness, lack and deficiency. Therefore, leading to dissatisfaction. No is "job." Again, at first resistant and not wanting to go "inside" to explore one of unrest, uneasiness and discontent, many seek the easy way "out" and blame external factors such as their excuses dissatisfaction.