YarKvartirka site allows you to learn more about the hotels of Yaroslavl. At the moment the site is information about the average cost of 2 double rooms and telephone numbers of each of the hotels. In the near future make available more detailed information about hotels of Yaroslavl. Such as: map of the city with hotels, a description of the advantages and disadvantages, and different rating. Also on site is a directory of apartments for rent, in which more than 25 proposals. This directory is intended for those visitors who wish to travel to Yaroslavl, but not particularly want to spend money. This option is suitable for travel, because when renting any of the apartments you can ask to provide reporting documents.

Generally at this time in Yaroslavl, a fairly large number of hotels. It would be strange if this were not true. After all, Yaroslavl – is not only a major industrial city, but also travel. The city retained a great number of monuments, churches and buildings since the 17-18 century. Yaroslavl separates the Volga river, which forms the tourist court. It is for these reasons, the city of Yaroslavl provides choice on the taste for travel and travel. The city has a hotel for people of moderate means, and for those who are willing to pay more for comfort and additional services. In this connection, to select a hotel in Yaroslavl is learn more about each of them.

We will try to make the visitor coming to our site could quickly make the correct decision on its location in the city. Despite the fact that the primary function of our site is to provide detailed information on hotels in Yaroslavl, we all still advise you to pay attention to an apartment. Why? Yes because it's cheaper! Often you care that you accommodated some unknown man? What you will see a lot of people? All this can spoil the holiday at the hotel. The apartment is all these drawbacks you will not notice. Also priemustvom apartments for days in front of the hotel is a personal approach. You can ask the landlord to provide the transfer service, extra linen change, cleaning, discounts and more.