Yellow River

Many years have passed and all hope of finding the remains of long ago lost. Well, there is a monograph of the great worker of science F. Weidenreich, which are published in sufficient detail image findings. If you look at the map of ancient paleolithic sites of China, we can immediately notice that they are mainly concentrated in the power of loess – the "yellow earth" in the bend of the Yellow River. However, the geological layers of the parking lot located below the loess deposits – in the sands and clays at an earlier age.

Why are they met exactly in the loess, it remains a mystery. Perhaps this area was most favorable for human settlement since it is already way out of the mountains of southern China to the comfortable life for the northern plains. Important role play here, and good conditions for research (the terrain is strongly dissected by erosion, which exposed the deposits), which has long attracted here expertise and chance finds, which is so rich the area. A lot of research – a lot of finds. Let's leave aside the isolated pebbles chipped found in layers known to be over 1 million years, and turn to a more substantial car park. It should be noted that even in those When you work with the publications of Chinese archaeologists in European languages, is experiencing considerable difficulties. Chinese counterparts enjoy, with rare exception, not the generally accepted terms, and give individual descriptions for each collection, which is very difficult to interpret.