Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

According to legends, the icons are an integral black fetish "orthodox" wizards and witches. The word "Orthodox" means that the data wizards and witches, though, and may resist in every possible way to go vperekor Christianity but still use all the basic tenets, albeit distorted. In remote areas, and to this day you can meet a witch, whose home on the icon location adorn the black icons. And before any action is not necessarily weird, witch refers to these icons, prayers in the smoke. In fact, this ritual is no different from the Orthodox prayer, except that use different words and a few other passes. Some contemporaries argued that in fact black icons does not exist, and all that can now be found in such a plan – is nothing more than a fake.

In fact, the black icons are as real and as old as Orthodox icons. The fact that initially, the icons were not so significant nature, it is now. The icons depicting the great men, as symbols of an accomplishment in history. Just now, the officials in the office you can see a portrait of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Who knows, maybe a couple of thousand years, and this image will worship and pray. So in those days were the icons exactly the same meaning in everyday life of people. The same way of expressing honor and respect their heroes were almost all nations, and remains. The icons depicting people's heroes, rulers, kings and tyrants. Later, most of these icons were destroyed, and the remaining were declared holy images.

Warwick University

"Such habits – the professor Pir – can lead to negative consequences of inability to concentrate to the loss of direct contact with peers from the harmful radiation of the body, primarily because of habit not to leave off the phone on the nightstand beside the bed, to the impoverishment of the vocabulary of the constant use of SMS '. Similar view Maria Rita and adheres Munitstsi, president of the Italian movement of parents. She calls the spread of mobile phones among children 'alarming and is subject to condemnation. " Even from a medical point of view, 'As yet unknown effects from exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones to children in developing the upper part of the cranial vault and brain tissue' – emphasizes Munitstsi. Research Doctor Highland Gerald (Gerald Hyland) of Vorvikskogo University (Warwick University) confirm the doubts about the safety of mobile phones for children. Mobile phones may lead to memory loss, sleep disturbances and other health problems.

Children more vulnerable, because children's immune system is in its infancy and not as effective as in adults. Office of Research of the European Parliament published a report with recommendations to all countries – EU members to a total ban on using mobile phones by children who have not reached puberty. Use of cellular communication slows the development of the child and, at least in the success of harm studies, experts believe. Moreover, the experts recommend to withdraw from sale even toy phones and exclude any advertisement designed for children of this type of communication, so as not to create too much early interest.

Vacation Travel Tips

Today it has become a popular vacation or personal conduct small part in another country. If once a resident of the Soviet Union could count on a ticket to Bulgaria, the Russian citizen today can travel around the mmiru, only the means of disposal that. And funds play a critical role in translating the desire to see the world and spend your vacation in an interesting or unusual place. Just so, all the traveler wanting to save money on acquisition of the tour, is known the term 'Tours'. This tour, tour operators are not pre-planned, but arise as a result of certain market situations.

For example, when during the season permits for some therefore not have been bought, the price is gradually reduced. It is logical, as he begins the tour operator to lower the price of the tour, and sometimes offer it below cost, but would not suffer even greater losses. This occurs or when there is a temporary reduction turaktivnosti, or when someone from the travel agency customers refused bought just before the tour, or for 1-2 days when there is a lot of unsold vouchers and charter has already been paid. Not Beware of buying last-minute trips. From the above you have already made clear, 'last minute' – a traditional tours, but sold at a discounted price. 'Last minute' – does not mean 'low quality'. All the conditions that offered 'nonconducting' Stay, stay the same.

Most winning last minute there in the middle of the season (in such tours naiblizhayshaya departure date) and can be quite out of season, especially when the price decreases tour operators. For example, last-minute trips to Egypt and there are usually in the summer and winter, and the very best deals on last-minute trips and on vacation in Thailand may appear in the spring, when the Thailand is not the hottest season. We must dwell on such a specific and important point, which is the presence of a passport. Virtually every citizen of Russia will sooner or later must be design of the passport. The most common reason for this event – a resort vacation. The main factor for a successful trip, in addition to conventional measures such as ordering reservations and purchase tickets (If necessary), is the presence of a tourist passport. Therefore, you should take care to ensure that your passport at the right time was not valid. Visa services are often also requires strength and a lot of time. Conditions applicable to documents in all countries are different. Therefore, when planning a trip, do not forget to ask to what exactly you need a visa, because the entry requirements are usually different. Not to be neudel – Be on the alert. Best version of this question go to a specialized firm.

Health Turkish

A special place in Turkish cuisine is given sweets. The most popular alcoholic drink is 'raky' (anisette), which when diluted with water becomes white, which was awarded the title 'Lion's milk'. Common set of services in hotels – a buffet. Take only as much food as you can eat, but if not ate, then go and get another. Do not leave a plate full of food on the tables.

We advise you in the first days of the rest do not get involved in all the local cuisine at once, let your body gradually gets used to new gastronomic loads. SHORT TIPS. – If you go on tours, do not forget: pro sunscreen (especially good Panthenol), not in a long time under the direct rays of the scorching sun, do not sunbathe at midday, especially in the early days – the sun is very active. – Special galoshes to protect your swimming legs of cuts. – Warning! On the beach under the scorching sun can not drink, else others will drink and then – for the repose of your soul! – Can be useful means of mosquitoes. – Take with a few pegs underwear – this will save you from search problem, the flying from the rails towel and bathing accessories. – If you take with Russian vodka (only good) – it can be advantageous to exchange for gifts, or buying expensive things – the seller would be kinder and will throw more. – Many hotels employees retsepshene hotel (in the registry) does not take money, a souvenir from Russia will be happy and probably will give a good number.

– If you have any problems with the number – no need to shout, stomp your feet and threaten workers retsepshena. Enough to come up and politely ask them about it, because the weapon is also courtesy of kings. – To enter the mosque, you need to remove your shoes. Women should be included to cover her head. At the entrance you can take a scarf and long skirt. It is best not to visit a mosque during prayers. – Do not speak with the local religious themes – all you want to know, ask the guide or read-and declined as well. – Toilets are equipped with signs or Kadin Bayan (to ladies), Erkek or Bay (for men). – No standing on the street to drink alcoholic beverages. – Do not forget to bring your chargers, cords, etc. – Detection of any drug (even marijuana) is regarded as extremely serious event – so leave it at home unless you want to stay permanently in Turkey. – Do not drink tap water, and poured into plastic buy capacity. In a 5-liter vessel – each liter cheaper than in smaller containers. – 9th May not have to go to drunk around the pool with a red flag and shout for the whole neighborhood, "Hitler Kaput". Not to be confused with the rest questionable patriotism. – If you smoke – Take a supply of cigarettes and grass on Health – in Turkish cigarettes are very expensive. – Do not ask a Turkish restaurant serves pork. – Do not forget the magic words – hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. If you pronounce them in – in Turkish, the effect magnified. – We hope these tips will help you on a journey along the sunny country! In preparing the advice benefited from the tourist site with nailuchschimi wishes – Zakhar!

Provincial Island

Victoria – a city in western Canada, the capital of British Columbia. Located in southeastern Vancouver Island. The region's population is about 335 000 people, so half the population of Vancouver Island. Legislature assembly is the supreme authority in the province is British Columbia. The region has a naval base called Eskvaymolt.

The position of the modern economy depends largely on services and the public sector. Victoria is considered to be "British" city in Canada, there is a large number of British pensioners who have moved here because this is the warmest city in the country on climate. As you can see the city red double decker buses, and in the center are a few typical English pubs and shops. Victoria is known for exquisitely decorated waterfront flowers on it is quite an old hotel called the "Empress," a tradition, at five o'clock tour serves English tea biscuits. Even the city's architecture creates an atmosphere of old England. In restaurants, a variety of culinary direction of European Cuisine, Oriental, International. Victoria celebrated a great abundance of flowers that can be seen even on lampposts.

Why is the name of a garden city. Victoria is the southernmost city in western Canada. In the city the mildest climate in Canada. In the summer of no precipitation, temperatures averaging 18-21 C. Rainy seasons are recognized autumn and winter, but snow in the winter there is practically no. Such a climate attracts tourists from all over the world. For children city will be interesting to a variety of parks with a variety of attractions and marine wildlife. At the city is located 48 parks. Including the famous botanical garden, which is an amazing place. Here the fountain, and among many exotic plants tropical butterflies flutter. In the garden every night playing music and arrange a beautiful fireworks display. For lovers of shopping will be interesting variety of shops throughout the city. There is much to see and it is art lovers and historic buildings and various muzei6 wax, miniatures, ethnography, and locks. For connoisseurs of night life the city offers a variety of night clubs and discos. On the whole city of Victoria, a beautiful green and quiet town.

The Conductor

Viewing platforms fenced grid-bathe in it impossible. Captivates, catches sight of his raging beauty, strength, power, irresistible. In the lake piled a small island. Waterfall rages loudly … and it's time …

Sit in the car and drive to the next waterfall, Gimeno-2. The road to it lies through the town at which to go just right. The road itself will take you out of town. Further, it is getting worse and worse, the rate of not particularly developed. Directions have 40 minutes before, going higher and higher, you're in town.

One of the houses stands a shield, "Welcome to the waterfall Gimeno-2!" It turns out that the national park here, slowly but ennobled. Constructed railings along the paths, benches, a road in some places laid out the steps. At the entrance you offer a guide. Log into the national park costs 100 pesos per person. Conductor and a bottle of water included. Our names and ethnicity is recorded in the log (first thought – in case you suddenly do not return). Judging by the records, few tourists come here, and so there are no Russian. First, the conductor shows us a waterfall from the point of departure. He it seems so far away, but very beautiful! And then, for 40 minutes, we narrow down, sliding under the feet of the abundant pine trails. Our guide moves very quickly, I try to keep up those pictures beauty that opened before us. Along the way he talks (in Spanish, of course), what work will be carried out over the park. Finally we have in place. Insanely beautiful! Impassable jungle and suddenly …. Where no penny, a sandy clearing and vodopad.Kak oasis! Cool water. Crazy like a swim. And we swim in a small pond at the waterfall, which like the previous one, leaves in a river. Waterfalls tightens for themselves! The conductor says that during the rainy season swim here is very dangerous. The flow of water is so powerful. Lead us away from here is impossible! Conductor misses one and a half hours. Near the waterfall there is a small cave, but it is very much appreciated. We regret we come back. The return journey more difficult as we go up the hill. Water squelching in sneakers, but we are impressed and very happy. Admiring the beauty that surrounds us. Thank conductor, sit in the car and drive. On the way, very comfortable with komedory pointed roofs. In one of these delicious lunch meat soaked in a sweet pink sauce, and along the road to buy several packages of strawberries. Already dusk, we nourish home, promising to return soon to explore the waterfalls Constance.


I do not think so, because in most cases, the entire hook hidden in the brush head. In a separate story float, because this component has a clear focus tackle fishing for carp is. I would say that there is separate type of float – float Karasin. This long, thin cylindrical float with a smooth distribution of mass throughout the volume. First of all, the problem lies in the float responsive to the bite crucian carp, which is often cautious and even a "thoughtful." About the type of reel to the rod is no definite opinion. You can put a regular and small size, and inertialess – as you prefer. I can only say that completely without coil is not very convenient, because when the length of the rod at 6 m and line managed better still with the coil, and it is useful to vyvazhivanii.

Sly habits of His Highness the biting crucian carp has long entered into folklore, because of the diversity of symptoms and signs do not, perhaps, none of freshwater fish. To begin with, that taste preferences in the crucian carp, by and large, no. It can catch, as the plant tips (pastry, cake, steamed peas, combined mixture, etc.), and the tips of animal origin (worm, maggot, caddis flies, etc.). Often used bait and bait, to carp, a fish which schooling, went to the hooks with a nozzle. You can free to experiment with the addition of aromatic components, because there is accurate data, which in certain cases, choose flavored carp bait.

Commonwealth Of Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica – a country located on the same island, the largest of the Windward Islands archipelago Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The island was opened in Columbus Xristofor Sunday, November 3, 1493, hence came the name of the island (from the Latin Dominica – 'Sunday'). The Commonwealth of Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth, led by Britain. The capital of Dominica – Roseau (18 thousand inhabitants) – one of the poorest cities. Dominica is separated from the possession of France – Martinique and Guadeloupe in the south to the north – not wide straits.

The island is mountainous, it lies dormant volcanoes a few, but volcanic activity is not stops. The proof of this – a small lake of boiling water. Very picturesque and local geysers. The island is untouched nature area in the Caribbean. Steep volcanic slopes are covered with lush tropical vegetation, with mountain ranges flows down many small streams and rivers, forming waterfalls. During tropical storms, these rivers overflow, so sometimes celebrated on the island of excess fresh water that sent for export to other islands. The climate is tropical and humid trade wind, heat, soften the north-east winds. The average monthly temperature is 25-27C, 1500-2500 mm of rain falls each year.

The most favorable weather occurs with November to March. The fauna of the island is represented by several species of birds, mostly with bright plumage, reptiles (lizards) and insects, including many rare. The bulk of the population – negros and mulattoes. Quite fraction – about 3 million people are famous 'militant Caribs', which are a kind of attraction for tourists visiting the island actively. Most of the population speaks the local dialect French. The capital has a dominant position on the island, there is a botanical garden, a number of interesting monuments: the Church of England, known as 'the old slave market', cobblestone area Old Market, the Museum of the Dominican Republic, a stone Catholic Cathedral. In Roseau in 1905, was built public library of the Carnegie Endowment, a pedagogical institute. The reason the economy is agriculture. Land, especially in coastal areas occupied plantations of bananas, citrus, cocoa, coconut, mango, tobacco. There are enterprises in the production of fruit juices, canned food, copra, soap, cigars, rum, essence. Exports Banana brings 50 percent of revenue in the budget. In recent years, developing the infrastructure of international tourism, tourists come mainly from the United States and Western Europe. Developed is available on the island rich deposits of pumice. In general, the country's economy is heavily dependent on foreign economic aid, and the government takes measures to attract foreign companies and investments.

Thailand Kids Club Hotel Holiday Inn Phuket

The hotel Sheraton Grande live two elephant Yam Yam and Lilly, who meet daily shows for children and their parents. In addition, the hotel offers a variety of water activities, a room for video games, etc. Another feature of this hotel is the availability of special children's menu. Plantation Bay Resort, Cebu, Philippines. In this hotel for children especially like the water slides, rides and beach entertainment. Parents can take advantage of the children's center, where an attentive and caring staff look after children, teach them to build sandcastles, feeding fish, paint and much more.

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Located in Borneo on the shores of the South China Sea, the Hotel Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort offers the largest Children's Club in Malaysia, where there are a variety of daily entertainment, both at the beach and on the playgrounds and swimming pools. Trips to a rehabilitation center to care for orangutans, which is located at the nearby Shangri-La Rasa Ria, gives kids a unique opportunity to talk with one of the closest relatives rights. Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia. Conrad Bali Resort & Spa is located in close proximity to the beach of Nusa Dua and offers excellent opportunities for families with children. Apart from the usual children's menu, the hotel offers special children's clothing, children's baths and water treatments. In the Kid's club our little guests are waiting for the Indonesian national dance lessons, pool them to tell stories about the island of Bali, and taught local crafts and art.

Tennis enthusiasts have the opportunity to take a few individual tennis lessons at reasonable prices. Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia Accommodation in Hotel Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa on the island of Langkawi – a unique opportunity for families who enjoy outdoor activities. It offers boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, para-Sailing and water skiing. Especially for children there is a place for mini-golf course and a farm with animals. The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, Indonesia. Exclusive Hotel Ritz Carlton in Bali also offers an amazing child programs and services. The hotel has a separate children's pool with waterslides, daily lessons on making kites and stuff. There is also a special children's menu and services nurses (with knowledge of English, Malay and Japanese languages) Holiday Inn Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Kids Club Hotel Holiday Inn Phuket youngest guests can enjoy video games, DVD, internet, toys and board games. But the greatest joy to children deliver water slides and children's pools. Are babysitting services. The hotel is located on the famous beach of Phuket, Patong. The Nusa Dua Hotel Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia. This luxury resort includes green gardens and a huge area for swimming, which are very well suited for families with young children. Reasonable prices make this hotel very attractive because it offers rooms with king size bed for adults and an extra bed for children. Coco Beach Resort, Ban Thiet, Vietnam small "huts" Hotel Coco Beach Resort possess extraordinary tropical charm and promote maximum relaxation. Located on the beach, this hotel has something to offer children: children's pool with slides, canoes, Bugge games and other beach activities. For more information about the company Agoda and family hotels in Southeast Asia, please contact the site or send e- e-mail address