Democracy Exposed: The Tascon List In Venezuela

Democracy is like a forest full of fireflies, beautifies the essence of social life and is only visible to sneak into the night. Alter your secretiveness is spoiling its beauty. The importance of the laws establishing the right to vote in all democratic states is vital, shaping, integration and legitimacy of any government depends on the representativeness of the achieved through universal suffrage enshrined in the constitutions. However, the balance between the secrecy of the vote and the right given to citizens to participate in public affairs has fractured state in Venezuela, thus breaking free of the vote on autonomy and sowed suspicion in a country see how its forest of fireflies lost anonymity and blackens the cloud of totalitarianism. Nobody is willing to say that in Venezuela there is no democracy, but it is debatable that this is a healthy form of government within the meaning of the perennial weakness of its democratic institutions.

The famous “Tascon list” has uncovered the nakedness of a democratic system where censorship is the glue that leads the citizen to take action in fear. The vote is in principle free, but covertly created the conditioning of the apprehension. Tascon gained notoriety in Venezuelan politics by publicly a list of names of people who signed the form to activate the recall referendum on August 15, 2004 to decide on the continuation of Hugo Chavez to the Head of State. Although later the President of the Republic sent to “bury” the list during the V Mobile Cabinet, the “Tascon list” has been the source of all kinds of discrimination that the media has overlooked and which today continues to be a drag for freedom in Venezuela.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

You just need to bust some big companies. More stable company to buy out, will reorganize, restructure, and all will first. Thus, the world has existed for thousands of years But people get to your table the more serious reports on the situation in the global economy, have begun to realize that the current crisis is different from all previous ones. World leaders are suddenly talking about the need to unite and depravity egoistic approach. ‘The main thing is that all occupied a single position and act together “, – said at a meeting with leaders of European countries, U.S. President George W.

Bush. And at a conference in Evian, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the economic crisis ‘led economic egoism of some countries’. Yes, ordinary people today have begun to realize that the current crisis – and a special conventional measures, it can not overcome. It’s not even in numbers, not that required to cover the deficit amounts to hundreds of times higher than selected by the U.S. government $ 700 billion.

Subconsciously, people start feel that the solution we are looking for is not there, not in the same plane. Simple monetary injections provisions are not correct. So what happened with our economy? We revealed that we are all united in a single system. Globalization showed us how everything depends on everyone. And yet discovered how much we are divided and not together as far as not willing to compromise their own interests, even in the face of such a serious threat as a global crisis. So, the current crisis – not a failure in the system, and its disclosure, say the Kabbalists. The time has come to understand how we are all dependent on each other, separated and this disunity hinders us from living. And why it all started with the economy? Yes because an empty fridge assures better than any speakers. ‘Because of the differences representatives’ Big Seven’ were only declarative program out of the financial crisis.

Laboring Theater Work

the result of the work of all would have not only to be of some people, but yes distributed between all. Of this form, it would not have rich nor poor more nor, nor dominated dominadores nor. This type of society, where all would be equal. The LABORING PRESS Beyond its intense syndical militancy and politics, the Brazilian laborers of the beginning of the century had produced diverse periodicals, edited in different languages, directed toward the quarrel of the problems of the work force. The periodicals were one of the forms to divulge the proposals politics of the workers and to fight against the exploration and the capitalist oppression. Amongst laboring periodicals it is distinguished: The Free Land; the Graphical Worker; The Vidreiro Worker; Avanti! ; Our Voice; The Common people; The Voice of the Worker among others. The LABORING THEATER the Laboring Theater was another tool of fight for the work force.

Militant anarchists had made of the theater a force of support to its fights and the construction of a new society almost so great how much the press. Several had been the amateur groups of theater, tied directly the laboring associations, appeared at the beginning of century XIX in So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Port Glad, Curitiba, Saints, among others. They considered a social theater of content critical and directed toward the interests of the proletariat, being the parts, to the times represented for the proper laborers in halls of the laboring quarters and the headquarters of the unions. The experiences and initiative of controllers of the work force had been several, always on to the cultural politics of the anarchists. In 1904, in Rio De Janeiro, the Popular University of Free Education was established, under the initiative of local syndicalistic leaders, having in its faculty intellectual celebrities, as well as laboring controllers. The education was thought and terms of immediate instruction.

Marx Work

This conception of sustainable development has as norteador bedding the fairness as principle of the support, detaching that it is way of capitalist production that is in the root of the social inaquality and the ambient degradation. Estimated its are anchored in the tradition of the marxism and critical of the economy the politics, that is, in the critical ones to the society established on the private property of the means of production, to the subsuno it work to the capital and the logic of the capitalist accumulation (MARX, 1988). For Marx, the nature exists independently, but for the humanity, only manifest it its qualities and earns meant through a transforming relation with the human work (BOTTOMORE, 1988). Although the philosopher considered, in century XIX, the voracious expansionista trend in the capitalist way of production as necessary condition for the transistion to the socialism, nor therefore he left to put in evidence its destructive violence. Marx (1988) observes in For Marx (1988), the social division and technique of the work in the capitalist society generates the alienation of the man in relation to its work and the nature, desumanizando it. But, its contradictory development, when creating the totality of productive forces, the domain of the man on the nature, becomes necessary and inevitable on the part of the man the appropriation of these forces and the total, complete, multilateral development of its facultieses as integral man (MANACORDA, 1991). However, this omnilateral development would only be possible if the totality of the productive forces was dominated by the totality of the individuals freely associates, what it would only occur with the overcoming of the private property and the mentally ill work. The analysis of the estimated ones that they guide this conception of sustainable development allows us to understand the necessity of critical to the model of capitalist development and the paper of the citizens politicians in the construction of democratic societrias alternatives that surpass the social inaquality and the degradation of the proper material bases in the production way.

Adoption Exchange

2,2 HISTORICAL DESCRIPTION OF the PREVIOUS PERIOD To the ADOPTION OF the INFLATION GOALS the system of inflation goals is a regimen that had beginning in the year of 1990, in the New Zelndia. Later, innumerable countries developed and in development had also adhered to the goals, as, for example, Canada, Chile, the United kingdom, Australia, Spain, Republic Czech, Poland, Norway, Peru, among others, as if it can verify in Table 1. Brazil started to adopt this regimen, in 21 of June of 1999. Table 1: Period of Adoption of the Regimen of Goals for the Inflation in the World Source: Central banking. Of 1995 the 1999 Brazil, used as monetary politics the regimen of exchange bands, that had as characteristic ' ' anchorage cambial' ' was constituted of two elements keys of the combat politics the inflation: effective valuation of the tax of exchange and rise of the degree of external opening of the economy. For Seabra (1998, P. 204) the regimen of exchange bands was definite as: A regimen of exchange bands can be defined as being an interval inside of which the Central banking this compromising in keeping the tax of nominal exchange.

Although in the practical one superior band adopts itself inferior band (therefore, regimen of bands? in the plural one), an exchange regimen can establish only one band or a limit for the exchange tax. The system of exchange anchors had as objective to contain the inflation. For this, he was used a mechanism of economic policy through which the government fixed the exchange tax aiming at to reduce the increase of the prices. In general, the quotation of the local currency was fixed in relation to the reference currency, as it happened, for example, with the Real front to the North American Dollar at the beginning of the Real Plan. This was the instrument used for the Brazilian economic team until the year of 1999, when US$ 1 started to be valid R$ 1.21, tax defined for the conversion.

Antonio Landmarks Pear

In its Pragmatismo workmanship, Philosophy of the Creation and the Change it points with respect to a possible cause of the fragility of the argument politics when if he searchs a philosophical base for the positioning detaching as well as vain the fight for the exclusive argument of a position politics. ' ' In particular the ones that are the left of the specter politician they nourish the hope to find a perspective philosophical who cannot be used by the right politics, a philosophy that is exclusively the service of noble causes. But this perspective does not go to never exist therefore any philosophical perspective is only one tool that can be used for many different hands. ' ' (Pragmatismo, Philosophy of the Creation and the Change Richard Rorty Organizadores; Cristina Magro and Antonio Landmarks Pear tree. Belo Horizonte. Publishing company UFMG, 2000 ) How much when uncurling of the proposal of abandonment of the search for the redentora truth, uncurling of this encloses two scopes, the first one says respect to leave any pretension of historical authority, and as it says respect to the possibilities to interpret the term progress. In the next lines I will dissertarei concerning these two scopes. How much to abandon the pretension of historical authority, we can try to understand this as that authority that Rashnilhkov it described as proper of historical figures destined to invent the humanity.

This authority excuses to its possessors the possibility to ignore next apelos a time that if they see as answering to one I appeal greater and – the historical one. In such a way we would hinder radical positionings that could generate unnecessary suffering. The proper Rorty explains that we would also lose possibility to demonstrate that our enemies are missed in the way as they act, would lose the possibility to point as wrong positionings of figures as Hitler, Stalin and republicans.


Until the proper D' Ambrsio, initially in its definitions restricts it the mathematics practised in the cultural contexts and developed in the direction to take care of the established constant necessities in day-by-day of these contexts. It is important to point out the pedagogical value of the Etnomatemtica for communities and existing contexts and its relationship with the practical daily pertaining to school, because this oportuniza an inquiry to know produced for definitive contexts and that they start to help in the agreement of the existing necessities in the nature of one determined group. 6 THE SOCIAL PAPER OF THE SCHOOL The scientific advance that characterized modernity brought as natural consequncias a change in the vision of world and a more objective and efficient form to face the cultural challenges taxes for the daily life. Educating today is confrotted with an infancy and, over all, a youth acquired knowledge and influenced for the great progressos of science and the technology and the perspective is that in the next years, a child of six or seven years of age arrives at the school having full ability of calculation. Ahead of this, a question fits: How the school answers to this world that if presents today with an enormous impact of social changes, politics, technological and economic? It is impossible to conceive a school whose bigger purpose is to give continuity to the past. Its bigger obligation is to prepare generations for the future, therefore the children who are today concluding the first phase of basic education will be the active forces of a well next future. The mission of the school and the educator is, therefore, to make possible and to speed up the transistion enter

Headquarters Superior

According to they indicated from the Twitter de AcampadSol, the Police placed " fences in all the streets to 500 meters to redonda" of the City council. The objective of ' indignados' it was to concentrate itself the past before the City council during the constitution of the chosen municipal corporation in the policemen of 22 of May and the re-election of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn like mayor of the capital. The Police also watched the access to the high street from Bailn and the rest of the adjacent streets, although with a smaller device. They simulate a burial Near three hundred people concentrated in the environs of the Place of Villa have simulated in addition the burial to the democracy, with a equipment in which they have not lacked coffin, false priests and weeping. They generally remained concentrated in the access to the high street by the Place of San Miguel voceando slogans against the politicians and Gallardn in particular. At a certain moment two false priests dressed in supposed cassocks and people have arrived who carried a coffin, symbol of the democracy. The false priests have requested duel by the death of the democracy and has animated to a minute of weeping, that the assistants have seconded. More police devices a spokesman of the Headquarters Superior of Police of Madrid has indicated to that the device created in the neighborhoods of the Place of Villa was similar to which was adopted this Saturday near you soothe of the City councils of all Spain. In the tactical mission of Madrid, one considered that the high street unites the Place of Villa with the Door of the Sun, that has been scene during last the four weeks of one encamped of ' indignados' critics with the politicians Spaniards. Watch live streaming video from spanishrevolutionsol AT Source of the news: Antiriot ' limpian' the street of ' indignados' in order abrir passage to the cars of Gallardn


According to Debert (1999, P. 94): The concern in describing the way for which the oldness is transformed into a problem that worries the society goes if constituting in a field to know specialized. A field with experts in charge defining not only which is the necessities of the aged ones, the problems that face, but also in charge of the formation of other specialists to take care of to these necessities. To if proceeding to an inquiry on the familiar nucleus of the beneficiaries and discovering the most recent social and economic purposes that the pensioners would exert on the agricultural familiar economy, it was evidenced that the retirement represented, in many cases, the only one source of income of the family. The results of the evaluation very demonstrate agreements important to identify the function of the aged ones in the condition of familiar economy, where if they verify different demonstrations of economic-social reproduction where the pensioner fulfills some papers. 4 CONCEPT OF OLDNESS BEFORE the SOCIAL SECURITY the aging is if transforming into a world-wide problem and the concern of all the countries of the world, is to guarantee to the citizens who all they can age with the due security, dignity and that exactly they are not isolated and they continue participating with evidences of the life in society, with exercise of its rights. The advance of the index of life and the reduction of the mortality taxes has caused a significant impact in the society of the entire world, either in the industrialized one, either in what it is in development phase. ahead of the facts above one evidences that the necessity to protect the aged one is a reality. Although already let us walk sufficiently with regard to production to aged, much has despite to progress. Without going down the particularitities and being only in the general plan, it will be enough of beginning, designating the necessity of ' ' extenso' ' of the social insurances, as much in the greater ' ' compreenso' ' of the proteges as in ' ' better suficincia' ' of the benefits (Hail, 1943, P.

Mercantile Transaction

The transaction constitutes the prototype of the transactions commercial, is oldest, most frequent and most important of mercantile contracts. The no other express with as much vigor peculiar function of the mercantile traffic like mediating activity directed to facilitate the circulation of the goods. The Code of commerce does not establish a complete regulation of the same, reason why it is precise to go to civil dispositions to integrate the mercantile legal system. Civil transactions and mercantile transactions exist, and to distinguish of others a Art. 325 of the Code of commerce it says that ” the transaction of movable things will be mercantile to resell them or in the same form that were bought or good in another different one, with the intention of to profit in reventa the important thing in this transaction is the intention which it moves to the buyer to resell the bought things and to obtain a profit. Lacking that intention the transaction will lack the character distinguishes that it of the civilians. Therefore the purchases of things are considered mercantile realised furniture in order to profit in reventa and the sales realised by the industralists when the buyer also is it and acquires the thing for their economic activity.

Although the mercantile transaction. according to saying is had, has to intend movable things, the Exhibition of Reasons for the Code talks about the possibility that the buildings are matter of a mercantile activity. In spite of this, of little bond the qualification of these sales like mercantile, because the Code lacks a regulation adapted of them, since it is thinking about the sale of personal property and in particular of merchandise. The rules that regulate the mercantile transactions have to consider themselves in principle, of right device, that is to say, can countermand by the will of the parts.