Gastritis Esophagus

Folk recipes treatment of gastritis. Since all food entering the body, inevitably enters the stomach, and delayed it for digestion, then the best way to treat gastric diseases – this is the correct diet. Unfortunately, we have available are very uniform set of products. We eat spontaneously and sporadically, often than necessary. All this leads to the fact that a desynchronization in the neuro-vascular and glandular secretory apparatus of the stomach. An unpleasant, sometimes a metallic taste in the mouth, there is a reverse throw food into the esophagus, and sometimes it is so powerful that the bile gets into the esophagus (the symptom of 'reflection'), and its taste is felt in the mouth. Frequent complaints of heaviness in the stomach, the food is not digested. No appetite.

Meal turns into an unpleasant duty, from which a person tries to hide. There is a feeling of fear. In such cases should accustom themselves to split meals, and the amount of food eaten at one time should be minimized. Cooking should not only delicious, but to observe at least the elements serving: napkin on the table, plates, cups of tea and coffee. Eat unaccompanied telei radio, do not read the book. Do not carry on a conversation on politics, economics.

Need to eat. Understand that all this is included in a single complex treatment. For pains, spasms and heaviness in the stomach, lack of appetite, belching and heartburn tea blend of chamomile flowers and yarrow (trees). To prepare the mixture of colors to take them in equal proportions.


Today we have a high tenor of life, we are living a new era of gold, of the technological revolution. We think big, we are big and our beliefs should be the size of our greatness. All have ability to success; the only thing that prevents us from applying it are limited beliefs, misconceptions and mental barriers that stop us to attract abundance to our lives and to achieve the wealth that we want. It’s amazing to know that with all the abundance of information that is at our disposal there are many people around the world who still believe the lies and distorted messages about money and wealth which are not other than psychological manipulations; that way it is easier to enslave the crowd for the benefits of someone, like the Government, the mass-media what chance have earn money, acquire wealth if we feed our minds with beliefs of scarcity and replace This malignant viruses that enslaves our minds? Also I seem to false beliefs that it is a sin to be rich; who wants to become rich has to sell his soul and only the poor have good principles and humility by nature, that is, money is the root of evil. I ask you, does it is possible to think that way or something very serious I think only my? We have to delete these beliefs implanted in the mind from childhood, modify them since they prevent us from achieving a high level of prosperity that is up, living the life we deserve and makes us lose self-esteem, doubting the own value as a human being. It is necessary to undertake deep, long-lasting changes in mind and continually assess awareness.

The universe is a place of enormous wealth at the disposal of anyone who understands give value with its creative ability. Being successful is our nature. Wealth is our natural state and happiness is inherent in our life. Our mind is powerful as a dynamite. Our power to build wealth is colossal. Let flow freely power mental and we endeavour always something better, we look for refining to attract abundance and bring happiness and good life. The money is so good; What llavamos everywhere as a couple and we love it because it is the symbol of abundance and inner well-being.

The way in which we relate to money and the importance that has for us expresses the way in which we perceive the world. Money adds something significant to our lives, i.e., being more powerful, confident of ourselves, we are happy and enjoy unlimited prosperity. Wealth is something so rewarding for anyone who is predisposed to grow, develop, Act and perform, feel good and happy. We feel completely happy and made as a people if we safe by our financial stability, about our future. Money amplifies our character and be. Who is good without money, could become even better with money and help economically, donate smiles to the disenfranchised. The important thing is to not become greedy, but keep us generous and healthy belief that money is always good, generates value and abundance, and is the root of the kindness of all the wonderful things that are indispensable for a dignified and full of happiness existence.

Dominican Republic

Solytravel continues the mission to bring maximum satisfaction to its customers and make them their lives a little happier, this time, rewarding your loyalty with a trip to the Caribbean, and one of the possible destinations is Punta Cana. Punta Cana is without a doubt the site attracting more tourism to Dominican Republic. Many say that they are the best beaches in the world. Solytravel takes you to know this paradisiacal corner of the Caribbean giving you a journey of seven days with all costs payments with transfer from Madrid as part of a promotion to win a trip to the Caribbean. Punta Cana is, geographically speaking, a Cape which is located to the East of the country of Dominican Republic. Tourism is the main activity of the region, so the hotel infrastructure is highly developed, offering a huge palette of possibilities, from luxury hotels to cabins overlooking the sea, all concentrated in a small area of less than half a square kilometre. The access is guaranteed by the existence of an airport International located some 30 km from the Mall, but also can be accessed overland since Punta Cana is only three hours from Santo Domingo, the capital of the country. Punta Cana beaches are famous for their incredible white sand, with coasts bathed by a transparent sea which acquire shades sight turquoise and blue-green.

The weather is very benign, registering little swing between summer and winter, and between day and night so that the tourist flow is constant throughout the year. The Bavaro beach is undoubtedly the most famous, because it is what counts with most hotels five stars. It is one of the most exclusive beaches in the world, and where more economic power is concentrated. There are here large amount of danceable premises which ensure that nights in Punta Cana are maximum fun. Bavaro boasts a water park, Manatee Park, where you can see dolphins and manatees.

The quality of the beaches of Bavaro is guaranteed by Unesco, body that accredited to this is one of the best beaches in the world. The same is part of the coconut coast, due to the row of coconut trees so characteristic of the Caribbean zone. Solytravel has the enormous satisfaction of rewarding customers with a trip to the Caribbean, and gives them the possibility of knowing a place like Punta Cana and so to spend a wonderful holiday in a paradise.

Cheap Holiday

After a hard year of work, all deserve a rest period to forget our problems, but in the majority of cases our own economy requires us to find a cheap holiday as only option. Arise travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive a choice isn’t too much face, contrary to what may seem if we think of the term all inclusive. Ahead of the others to get your cheap holidays looking ahead is more likely to be able to find travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive for a reasonable price. If we anticipate the summer season, there are a wide variety of hotels on this island from just 50 euros (depending on, is clear, the category of the hotel) where you will have everything you need and will only have to worry about enjoy your rest. If you want to save even more, you can choose an apartment for your cheap holidays and once in, adapt spending to your own budget. Sun and beach with Fuerteventura all inclusive trips the main attractions of this island are its coast and its climate. Therefore, to fully enjoy your stay in it, ideally opt to travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive. In the hotel you can enjoy the best service, and passes out while on him, you can dedicate it to relax in its immense beaches. If you have several days, the ideal is to know the different types of beaches that make up the island. A day can opt for a white sandy beach, another day by a volcanic beach of black sand, or even sections of the coast included in parks.

Bell Tower Tuscany

Tuscany is the most renowned Italian region. Located in the center of the boot-shaped peninsula, it represents only 8% of the total area of Italy and still concentrates much of his monumental, cultural and environmental wealth. With six goods declared patrimony of the humanity by UNESCO and three national parks, Tuscany represents the quintessence of Italy and many Tuscan values and qualities identified to the Mediterranean culture. The most typical stamp that comes to mind when thinking about an Italian landscape is Tuscany. One trip to the heart of Italy is a promise that every traveler must afford to comply. From we propose a route to discover Tuscany on our air, using car rental and enjoy as well of its scenic beauty and reach the cities of destination where we stay in selected hotels with charm. While you both, between us will find immaculate hills with beautiful historic towns or small carefully preserved villages and valleys. In the undulating green sea Tuscany dotted with cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves are protected legally, no billboards, tall blocks, or trash in sight and houses must be constructed with local materials.

The first stage of our journey is Pisa, birthplace of Galileo Galilei. We can use the route of the three inclined towers to stroll through the old quarter of the city. The marshy nature of the land in the area makes buildings tall and slender, as bell towers, lean and that the towers of the churches of San Nicola and San Michele degli Scalzi rivalicen in inclination with the famed Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The cathedral complex pisano is built within a large walled area inserts in the center of the city, is La Piazza dei Miracoli. The square, part paved and partly covered with grass, hosts the most popular example of Romanesque religious architecture in Italy: the Cathedral basilica, exempt Bell Tower, the Baptistry and the Camposanto Monumentale.