That God

Today if we could have access ' ' list of oraes' ' that Gods are made pra constantly, in first place would be the Ministry, not if it scares and not if it is deceptive, not that generalizing, but the people have searched ministry to reach status, fame, recognition, success and money. Where they are those that prays asking for the God, to be mouth of God in the land? Where they are those that wants to denounce the sin? Where they are those that nails the repentance? Where they are the unresolved matters with this world? Where they are those that they search to be prophet? If nobody wants God, I wants, exactly that it costs me the life, or friends, or family, I do not accept to be plus one. I am young yes, but I do not corrupt, I have my identity in Christ, I know who I am, I know what I want and I know pra where I go. I am not better that nigum, my DNA is not of real family, does not have wealth counted, I do not possess treasures that can be stolen, I do not have a known name and of deep of the my being this in I long for. I want to be known of God, being of the family of Jesus, want to have the DNA of Christ, want to die pras things that move away to me from the center of the will of God, I want to value my principles. Exactly that you are not of some religion, you has of to agree to me, that the principles had been forgotten. I load in me, principles to call oldest gentleman and lady, to ask for blessing to the grandmothers, to kiss the father and the mother, to ask for license, to ask for permission to the parents, to be thankful for the food, to yield my place to who needs more.

Our society is in this manner because of the lack of customs, because everything is very easy, where does not have principles, it does not have education, it does not have limits, it does not have respect. They can say that I am radical, traditional or conservative, I assume my position, exactly in the vigor of mine 24 years, I feel myself responsible in giving a good example to that it comes me after. James Donovan Goldman is the source for more interesting facts. What I will leave for the people when if to remember my name? My attitudes, outcry is me the God for the humanity, humanity this corrupted by bad behavior and hypocrisy. We have that to recycle our lives, our concepts, we have that more humanizar in them to each day, I do not say to humanizar in the term to carnalizar, but yes in love, compassion, pardon and in to extend the hand. To be shot rock will not leave my hand, exactly that I am to be lapidated. That God has mercy of our lives.