District Court

Losing party in a summary procedure, must comply with the decision rendered in summary proceedings. However, if the case subsequently filed in the ordinary court and the Court's decision differs from the decision rendered in summary proceedings, the opponent must pay the costs if it is in the meantime begun execution. The usual procedure time required for 'normal' procedure is mainly determined intervals, provided between each presentation of a written evidence containing the arguments of the parties in dispute. Typically, these proceedings lasted more than a year to complete. Property to be collected and As for the arrest of movable and immovable property to be seized for the application of a judicial decision or for removal, the same applies to requirements that the debtor has against third parties. Safety arrest creditor who has no right to follow, since he has no right to exemption, however, may seize the debtor's property.

Rules of proceedings relating to, in general, to precautionary arrest, can be found in the Civil Procedure Code. There are several basic principles that apply to all types of safety arrest. Basic principles of safety to arrest granting the right to commit a safety to arrest permission of the President of the District Court. This permit is obtained by submitting a simple application, filled out by a lawyer, member of the Bar. The lender must show that its pre-requirement (prima facie) lawfully.

Usually it is sufficient allegations that he has a claim against the debtor, the term of payment is due. He does not need to prove with regard to claims payable at this stage of the proof of the existence of immaterial requirements before proceeding with the simplified require the removal of the arrest. Lenders usually do not require pre- guarantee regarding costs, damages and interest, which may be caused by the arrest. However, if the lender is a foreign entity, the President may (at their discretion) to take a different decision.

Indian Travel

Indian travel allow the holidaymaker, the fascinating life of the Indians to experience. Not as a tourist, but to live as a friend with the Navajo Indians in southern Utah, a dream must stay for most probably. Not so for those who participate in a multi-arts hiking trip to the Indians. When the Indian travel experience the ideal hiking and horseback riding tours, meet a real medicine man and take part in a sweat lodge ceremony. On the Indian travel is firsthand experience the untouched nature and the real tribal life with the ceremonies of a Navajo tribe. Original Indian life on the Rainbow lies the plateau between the area of the Navajo Mountain and the small town page, the Rainbow plateau at 2,000 metres above sea level. In this wilderness, they live today Navajo in its original and natural way.

Except for a bad road, only footpaths and Shepherd paths lead into the area. From Las Vegas, where the holidaymakers in the Indian travel arriving on the plane from Germany, it continues to one Overnight in the glittering world of exciting city via the Hoover Damm to a Western town. Sedona in the vicinity of Flagstaff it goes to the Grand Canyon, and then in the area of the Navajo Indians. Rides and sweat lodge ceremonies turn into Indian tourists a natural stone bridge will be explored on horseback before the next day is a sweat lodge ceremony with a Navajo Guide. Numerous hikes in the Indian territory can discover traveling the old Anazasi Indian ruins. Also the impressive reservoir of Lake Powell will be explored on a trip, as well as the Summit of the mountain sacred to the Indians Navajo Mountain. On the Indian travel holiday makers win a real impression of the life of the Navajo families and meet the last remaining medicine man in this region. A trip to Monument Valley completes the Indians to travel together with a native American flea market. After a thrilling journey through Bryce Canyon, the plane from Las Vegas goes back to Germany.

Supreme Federal Court

2.1Os social values of the work duly are disciplined in Articles 6 11 and Article 170, of the Federal Constitution. 2.2Destaque the made use one in the Art.7, IV; ' ' (…) Art.7 Is right of the urban and agricultural workers, beyond whom they aim at the improvement of its social condition: ' ' (…) IV minimum wage, settled in law, national unified, capable to take care of its basic vital necessities and to the ones of its family, with housing, feeding, education, health, leisure, clothes, hygiene, transport and social welfare, with periodic readjustments that preserve it the purchasing power, being forbidden its entailing for any fim' '. 3.A pair, the Art.5, XXXIV,) and the XXXV, of the cited Constitution, disciplines: ' ' (…) Art.5 All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, to freedom, to the equality, the security and the property, in the following terms: ' ' (…) XXXIV- are to all assured, independently of the payment of taxes: ) the petition right to them To be able Public in defense of rights or against illegality or abuse of being able; ' ' ' ' (…) XXXV- the law will not exclude from the appreciation of the Judiciary Power injury or threat the right; ' ' 4.A authority of the Bar’s federal council OAB has Constitutional legitimacy To represent economic Category next to the National Congress and Supreme Federal Court? STF, in defense of rights. 5.Os eight years of Government Mr. James Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. Lus Incio Lula da Silva, who if perpetuates in the current Government, submitted the urban and agricultural Brazilian Contributor to the biggest social injustice, for occasion of the definition of the annual wage-minimum. 6.Contribuinte is, in special, all Brazilian (), that paid regularly the Security or the Social welfare of Brazil.


Only in Spain can give a so shameful as this situation. 30 years after the coup attempt by which, among other important convictions, the General Milans del Bosch and Navy and Lieutenant Colonel Tejero were sentenced to 30 years in prison! It is that there are recordings with all telephone conversations held the night of cars since the Congress of deputies who have not remained hidden all this time with two balls!. Do as a rule of law boasts of its constitutional order when there has been a conviction! to 30 years in prison!? to a military coup in a trial where not everything has been said, that have not provided all the existing evidence?. Can the State of its capacity wallow to do justice when there was a broadcast of statements in a trial in which hid evidence of the maximum relevance?. Why they hid these tests?. To who hurt the recordings of telephone conversations kept the 23-F from the Congress of Deputies?.

It is that buses used by civil guards to get to the Congress are rented by Commander curtain the CESID secret service member and brother of the Lieutenant Colonel curtain intimate friend of the King. And the curtain out of rositas at trial. It is that the General Armada is neither nor is waiting for you we do not know if it really was the traitor who brought the weeping of the monarch, or if it is more loyal and disciplined man to King Juan Carlos, capable of carrying their loyalty to the Crown till the last consequences assuming a fault does not belong. Was the 23-F coup attempt of two generals more monarchist army, Milans del Bosch and Navy, with the executive arm of Lieutenant Colonel Tejero?. Or was the CESID, under the direction of the intimate friend of the King and with the participation of Diego Camacho, Juan Alberto Perote and Juan Rando agents who designed the coup?. What cone painted the Socialist Enrique Mugica in everything This framework? Why authorized Royal House General Navy to provide as President of the Government deputies kidnapped under weapons?. What that euphemism that authorizing the General Armada that would make its proposal but without naming the King and personally?.

And for dessert, how high the absurdities or the real impudence, King Juan Carlos responds to journalists on his arrival in Congress for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of his assault I believe you know everything the 23-f and if not invented there?. And the monarch, so nice as always, misses a giggle. Meanwhile the press is shocked because Tejero, now in freedom, that same day of vacation in a hotel, holiday was a man who has already served his sentence. Why not this same press is shocked of than the etarra de Juana Chaos, responsible for 25 murders!, is walking freely through the world without having served his sentence!!!?. So that, what his Majesty told reporters do I think that we know all the 23-f and if not invented there?. And I reply him, with all due respect, with the same phrase that was dedicated to the President of the Republic Bolivariana of Venezuela, the Chaves President to a President, though some bother them, constitutional and legitimate Majesty, why no te callas!

Electoral Justice

Since the redemocratizao of the country, that we can adopt as landmarks the years of 82, when we come back to vote toward governors, and of 89, when we come back to vote toward president, what it did not occur since the Military Blow of 64, Brazil has, thanks to God and the Democracy, Elections, on average, to each two years, changing itself the positions that are in dispute. However, I do not know if it is for complicating or alone one of the calls ‘ ‘ jeitinho of brasileiro’ ‘ of if leaving everything for the last hour, changes in eves of Elections happen, leaving the main interested parties, the voters, confused. Pra to start is necessary to clarify: Electoral Justice defined that to vote in candidates barred for the Law of the Clean Fiche, exactly who had set free candidacy for resource, is to annul votes. Such votes, according to decision, will not be computed for candidates or broken the one that belongs until it obviously has final decision on the process, what it will occur is not known when, but after Election, that will be sunday, day 3. It is the question, he would not be less confused to decide this before the electoral process and Dirty Fiche not to be ready candidate and! Now, the decision is in the tip of the fingers of the electorate. Another controversial one was the obligation of two documents (Heading of Voter and another officer with photo), exactly being boasted that we have the system of electronic voting of safest of the world.

Obviously, that such change would bring some upheavals, not only of order more particular (those people that do not find documents), but also of reason of bigger force, as who lost documents in natural accident (flood, for example) or was stolen. Decision: Now it can only vote without the Heading, leading official document with photo. For it saw of the doubts I will take the two. It has until the question of in some cities Justice to want to forbid voter to use clothes of the party of its preference when going to vote. In So Paulo the Law was revoked Dry, that forbade commerce (but not consumption) of drinks alcoholic in the day of the Election. It had people that she arrived to confuse that the revocation was in relation the Dry Law of transit, of ‘ ‘ if to drink not dirija’ ‘ , this yes continues being valid and it could not be different. At last, these are small tips so that the electorate makes what all we wait in the Democracy, to vote in conscientious way, analyzing candidates and choosing the ones that they consider better for its cities, regions, states and country. Good votes pra all we! Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br.