USSR Military

The lie number 3, that the USSR represented a serious military threat to Western nations as the country’s aggressive, unpredictable, “the evil empire,” etc. It was a noodle, not only for Soviet anti-Soviet, but also for the entire Western world. The West has always justified the arms race the Soviet military threat. And Thatcher said that there was no military threat, the threat was just an economic one. This conclusion is not particularly no detail, but a fundamentally different view of the world, a world view! Lie number 4. Soviet Union, he says, sprawled on their internal reasons, without any outside interference. But the question of the “iron lady” should be otherwise: and we Gorbachev West organized, and Yeltsin slipped and functionaries funded (and continues to fund: some doubts?), and the miners’ strike – his job.

With calloused hands of our miners abroad to implement their plans. Darling turned out, is not it? Really understand whether the miners as they raped the West – do not know. But the shame will last for the entire subsequent history that the hands of the workers themselves had been destroyed by the power of the workers. False number 5, that the declaration of independence Russia has been a boon for Russia. But even for Thatcher, it was clear that this declaration – a real step towards the destruction of a great country. In fact, people who have taken this declaration should be judged not so much a historic court as criminal.

The Cubes

The Concretismo, in an analogy with bidimensionalidadede Flatland, is the attempt of Sr.Sphere in making poetry in the world deMr.Square, trying to demonstrate to the poets of the linearity the end the Fields and Pignatari faced that now quemtinha was the Concretismo locked up its historical cycle. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dov Hikind. while Haroldo versificava, that is, made verses; Augustus traduziasonetosingleses and French and Pignatari enveredava for chat, the critical one and ostipgrafos had at last been able to find that now more they would be alliviated. 4. The Cubes of Hinton and the poetry of Haroldo: Who already had the chance to see the ChristusHipercubus workmanship de Salvador Dali must have noticed that the cross on which crucificado Cristoest is formed by six cubes. Hipercubo or cube of Hinton three-dimensional, it is unfolded in six cubes.

Analogous, in Flatland, if Mr. Sphere wanted to demonstrate to the existence of the cubotridimensional would unfold it in six plain squares, when retracing the cuboos inhabitants of Flatland would see the squares to disappear dentrodos others in such way that a square only sobrasse. Thus it is for us, if osseis cubes are retraced in one hipercubo, will see they to disappear until ficars a cube. Hinton cunhou the name tesseract for hipercubo unfolded. In the Education of the Five Directions, ltimopoema of the book is ' ' Hierglifo for Mrio Schenberg' '. Where the certain height sel: ' ' in the physical bookshelf of mrio/and poetry they coexist/as the wings of umpssaro -/arched space -/harvested by the absolute state of hardeness of volpi.' ' The end of the poem serves to demonstrate it will quequeremos in relation the current poetry of Haroldo De Campos: ' ' soon if resolvenuma flower of ltus/of where/- only visible when in we give account to them -/umbodisatva in dirige its look transfinito' '. The poetry haroldiana recognizes queexistem things that are not visible completely, or visible in its inteirezano our world, from there the reference to the look ' ' transfinito' ' of avatar, umquase Buddha.