RFID Middleware

RFID Middleware is a different approach to classical middleware known in the computing environment. So, given the recent exponential development of RFID technology, RFID middleware functions do not conform to the classic roles models of this type of interface with companies such as Forrester Resarch, ABI Research and other companies have “agreed” definition of a It can be considered as a middleware for managing the events generated by an RFID system:
“The RFID middleware platform is between the tags and readers from enterprise management system to work, govern and send the data captured by the RFID hardware.”
Unlike the classic middleware, RFID middleware is working on one end of the network and moves data at the same point of the transactions. New York Business Leader The core functions of RFID middleware is the monitoring, data management and devices. In fact, the reader extracts the data, filters, add the information and directs the management system, this management system can be an ERP or any vertical application (a system of production, storage, etc.)..