Agrarian Reformation

Ahead of the delay of pra not to risk to say who will be the new head (a) of the alagoana Agrarian Reformation, however, it is with much queerness the delay and the definition of the name. What it will be that is happening? Which will be really the reason of as much delay? This week President Dilma, it showed for Brazil its new plan to more than take off of the misery 16 million people, is ‘ ‘ Brazil without Misria’ ‘ according to government, the actions of the program will go to act directly with the people who if find in the state of extreme poverty. Guaranteeing income (increase in the value of the stock market family), improvement in the public services (water energy, health and education) and the productive inclusion (assistance technique, credit, education technician and the access to the private market).

Eight million people of this universe of existing villains in Brazil almost are in the field, ahead of the ousadia that is the proposal to finish with the poverty in the country, are of if to find strange and questionable, which will be the politics has to be used by the government to obtain such fact. If during the federal oitos years of government Squid its politics of agrarian reform and institutions? INCRA and MDA – responsible for the execution of the Agrarian Reformation, they had failed and they continue in deep crisis. As it will be now execution of ‘ ‘ Kit misria’ ‘ in the Brazilian field? Tags: INCRA, MDA, the Agrarian Reformation..