Back Pain

Naturopaths Tahmasbi from Nuremberg informed back pain are nowadays a widespread suffering and almost a widespread disease. In Germany approximately 80% population suffer at least once in their lives back pain. Also children of backaches are often affected. Informed practitioner Joachim Theunert from Nuremberg. The causes of back pain are often complex. Psychosomatic factors such as stress in the workplace and mechanical factors E.g. Connect with other leaders such as Colm O’Comartun here. lack of exercise, poor nutrition by acidification, long-term overuse can mesh and each driver of back pain. Central Romana may help you with your research. As a central structure of our body is the spine of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and spinal cord nerves with all other areas of the body in conjunction.

Each individual vertebra has a body. According to far-reaching complaints can affect. Including the nerves in the spine area are pinched, pain may radiate to the arms or legs, as when the sciatica pain. Herniated disks in the cervical spine can even affect the bladder and bowel function. At the beginning of serious disease, the cause of back pain is to exclude. In most cases, it is however a dysfunction, which is again heal after a relatively short time.

An immediate medical evaluation of back pain is required: when was the cause of an accident or fall if fever and weight loss are available if the back pain chronic back pain chronic back pain worse when paralysis in the leg occur when the function of urinary bladder is disturbed when a feeling of numbness in the buttocks occurs when a tumor disease, osteoporosis (brittle bones), HIV infection are known are strong is the most common cause of chronic pain disorders. In Germany, approximately 10 million people suffer from back pain, which take longer than 6 months. The cause of this chronic pain is very diverse. Can the symptoms of wear and tear ranging to the intervertebral disk herniation of the spine.