Caucasian Power

Voice of Mahmoud energetic, feel the pressure they experienced opinions. – We talked with Murat Zyazikov: a very decent, humble, kind, decent and very conscientious. Wonderful, hospitable family man. That's because the military people, and has an amazing intellectual basis. Highlander – intellectual.

Sounds! Roots Vainakhs. Education and sensible use of it, not one word just to be witty – that's you, Musa, the power is real, the people. Its a new type. To know more about this subject visit Suffolk County Rep.. The generals were in power through war and the governorship. Remember, Moses, my words – be Zyazikov general, and then the real leader of his people. Believe me! And how he understands our Vainakh traditions: from the mountain village, and from the tops of our great Caucasian mountains, and with European positions! You see, there is Mount Elbrus and Kazbek, and Europe is Mont Blanc, and even prop up the sky the clouds of the World Everest.

You know what I mean? – I nodded in agreement. – Power – it is purely and simply not in human terms. The good thing about the common man, it does not fit great leader – the leader, who must extinguish itself in kindness, conscience, compassion, peace of mind, thoughtfully, love and freedom in their actions and feelings. You see, Moses, must lead the masses, keep them tightly, and sometimes cruel. Personal files – yes, all that is humane, just and loving, and appropriate, in the family, for example. And in politics, in power under the hands of so many buttons and levers, and even the steering wheel must be kept, and all around there is bad weather. And yet protocol, the lack of leisure time, public sverhnaglyadnost … Yes, Moses, all this is so. But we must move away from the power of doom and absolute kings and dictators. How? The current time permits. Democracy is still a child podgazhennyh sliders.