Changing the Message

August Alexander Itajub/MG Written In: 18/01/2010 Quadrangular THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGE ITS LIFE. IT BELIEVES. Had answered they me: The remains that had been of the captivity, back in the province are in great oprbrio affliction and; also it is thrown down the wall of Jerusalem, and its burnt doors the fire.

Then Eliasibe was arisen, the supreme priest, together with its brothers, the priests, and had built the door of the sheep, which had consecrated, and the jambs had seated it. They had consecrated it until the tower of the one hundred, the tower of Henanel. INTRODUCTION This message has one Q deep of its life. The door of the sheep is without a doubt so valuable and powerful how much the others eleven doors that had in Yerushalm.

Perhaps in one another chance God discloses something to me on the other doors, but for now we go fulling in them of this valuable content. The NEEMIAS HISTORY the winter was arriving, B.C. was the year of 445, and Neemias was in cidadela in Sus, Persian seat of government. A generation before, in the same place, Ester and Mordecai had obtained to save the Jews of the slaughter conspired for Ham. Neemias was enters the Jews who still liveed outside of its country, exactly 90 years after the return of Zorobabel reconstructing the temple and populating the city of Jerusalem again. Neemias was copeiro of king Ataxerses, and was a person respected for the man most powerful of the world. Hanani, brother of Neemias, the Sus made the trip of 1.600 kilometers of Jerusalem to visit its brother. The notice that it led had saddened Neemias. Hanani said that the people of Jerusalem met in a precarious situation unsafe, subject to the aggressions of the peoples who controlled the adjacent regions to the city.