Cosmic Recycling

So it is going to have to invent another theory of the origin of the universe different from incredible explosion. Anyway for those who believe in apocalyptic end, until they are right, if they want to be consistent with their beliefs, so you have to be for them the end of the universe, because if they consider the amount of matter-energy is finite and constant, and universe is expanding and they are rapidly thinning without retraining, since then, necessarily for them, will have to end up torn or dispersed. Others assert that he who created the universe, just one day will give you order and do not explain why. Others believe that the universe (space + energy + matter) even the weather, always there and always will be there, we believe that the All is eternal, even if we, humanity, any observers and even our world today we are passengers . Differences between the optimistic theories of minorities: 1.

The of those who believe that matter-energy is finite and does not believe in the law of conservation of energy. They believe that energy is created. You may want to visit Steve Rattner to increase your knowledge. (The great heresy). 2. The of those who believe that all matter-energy is infinite and therefore not interested in the validity or invalidity of the law of conservation of energy.

(Theory of the eternal infinity) 3. The theory that the amount of energy and matter is constant, but that is recycled, (Theory of Cosmic Recycling). 4. Of those who believe that energy-matter has all the possibilities: It is infinite, which is created and recycled.