Increasingly, two weary and torn out reluctantly out of everyday business Gesprachsbeteiligte meet at the target agreement. Just the now usual coupling of the target agreement with performance-based bonuses is that bad mood. Because the target agreement partner’s intentions are as opposite as they can only be: while the Manager is bound to agree ambitious targets, the staff would like to reassure a largest possible share of the available pie. Target agreement than fight? Also in the HR man sometimes desperate in the face of the target agreements. Their p, however, familiar with the personnel manager: there’s an executives, always low laying the goals, achieve only every employee they. In other areas, however, the employee must stretch properly and get nothing but circumstances. That makes for bad blood, say: a poisoned work environment. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Whispered talk unjustified differences of bonus faster around as it suits the personnel managers and senior management. The targets were “Demotivating” sue the employees with the demanding targets. Agreement on objectives as discouraging instrument? This just their managers make it lehrbuchmassig. The core idea of the MbO is finally: targets only then motivating effect, if the agreed goals are difficult to achieve. At this point, apply modern methods such as that of the target optimization ( All birds with one stone be beaten using a small mathematical gimmicks in the bonus calculation.

Core of the target optimization: for the employees a financial incentive to arrange a most ambitious objective consists in this process. Target optimization: Employees are calling for high goals this is a novelty, it is the staff at conventional target agreement methods therefore, to arrange a possible easily attainable objective. The first consequence is that the intentions of the target agreement partners when using the Target optimization are equal. Secondly, handling differences be leveled between the executives. What is also accepted, transparent and motivating the target agreement calls for both sides not only more efficient, but the entire process. It so happens that third also the targets using target optimizing torchs is higher than at conventional target agreement. Target optimization: Employees achieve high goals targets using the target optimization motivate and make both sides joy again. How it works and what to keep in mind, to modernize the existing target agreement systems, describes Yvonne Wolf in the current HR Magazine. Other links:-the article “Agreed aims” to free download: – learn more about target optimization: – practice reports from companies for successful implementation of the target optimization: competence center variable remuneration a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting.