Hooke Traffic

Urban roads and sidewalks – a frequent topic of conversation gukovchan. Pedestrians and motorists in the criticism of Hooke roads converge on one point: their condition is terrible. Moreover, both the quality of road surface, and cleanliness – not at the highest level. Guests city, “acquaintance” with our pits, potholes, rough “patches”, always wondering: “How do you drive here?”. One of the readers’ Miner week “phoned the editors literally screaming souls:” We were recently in Mines. Neatly anywhere, pleasant walk down the street, curbs whole. After all, here at one time more than 20 mines were closed, and the city is alive and well “We must give every year we have somewhere so make repairs of the carriageway or sidewalks, but next year they have to redo it.

We asked for comments in an organization related to the control of road maintenance. Lack of presence state roadway street roads and pavements in the city controls the service of road traffic police surveillance ats Gukovo. Under control are about 430 kilometers of roads, of which only 225 paved, the rest – ground. The duties of the service include checking the technical traffic control devices (traffic signs, traffic lights), markings, lighting at night, roadsides, purity “” etc. Over all detected deficiencies are compiled and sent to the acts of the organization responsible for a particular scope of work.