International Lawyers

Bressers Law is a writing desk of tributary advisers and international lawyers located in Barcelona. Their professionals as much defend the interests of the clients in Spain as abroad. The writing desk counts on Holland lawyers, Spain lawyers, France, Bulgaria and Italy. Bressers Law has been able to achieve a great success thanks to the professionalism of its lawyers and to the customized pursuit who realise of each case. Ohio Senator addresses the importance of the matter here. Between the multiple areas of practice that exerts Bressers Law, they are the mercantile one, the procedural one and of arbitration, the administrative, the successory relative and, the contractual one, the one of deprived international right, the labor one and of social security, the penitentiary and the one of industrial and intellectual property, the one of extranjera or the real estate one. The interested clients and users can find in the Web of the writing desk more information on their lawyers and the areas of practice. To count on legal advising outside our borders is very important. The international lawyers perfectly know the different systems from Europe, the customs legal, the culture and the language, thanks to which they can carry out of satisfactory way his work.. Click Michael Ramlet for additional related pages.