It All Starts Today

1. Film prints The film, despite being a bit harsh, it does show the reality that exists in some areas not so distant from ours. It makes us see all the problems existing in social reality in a very considerable influence in the education of all those children who attend. Unemployment and lack of professionals are some problems by passing the education community and they face every day together all members of a school, and not just the director of that. 2.What we have impacted more pictures There are several more images that have impacted me: The girl who is telling Social Services’ mother Leticia, who are addressed by the work and they have hundreds of problems like yours. The wreck occurred at school and how to fix it are left to clean up and collect all education professionals and mothers who wanted to collaborate. The moment they are Valeria with her son in the car and was told the mother complains that you never say nothing about her father and not be recognized.Both enter into a discussion in which the boy goes on to respond and using very strong terms. The situation so critical that the family lives of Leticia, whose house is without power and the mother is an alcoholic. Such a situation so desperate with the problem of unemployment leads to provoke her mother and her children to death. 3.Throughout the film we hear texts and n off borrowed from daily protagonist, remember the phrases that you call more attention The phrase I remember best off is one that asks: “What keeps us here “, “Love, children ” Furthermore, a phrase that even if not in perfectly well-off memory, which the director says: “For children are only good words to say I’m hungry, I’m cold.” 4. What style encuadrar as film this movie The film is clearly a drama because of the rawness and reality of the events that occur.Moreover, the film is set in a real place, so we can say that it is based on real events. Importantly personally see it more as a documentary than a pel c cula, as the texts and drawings off in sequence and make em see it. 5. In the movie, those fighting the administration, the consequences of unemployment and socio-economic difficulties How are each of the protagonists Contra unemployment and socio-economic hardships of trying to fight one way or another the families and governments, but as they are overwhelmed never end up doing nothing special. The only thing you try, you are looking for solutions and never really gives up is Daniel, who is a tireless fighter. 6. How the figure of Daniel exerts director of the nursery Lebvre Daniel is the Director of a school in which problems accumulate due to adverse situations as they pass by their families.