Kerch Peninsula

Of course, the Crimean peninsula is one of the most amazing places on our planet. As the saying goes ‘The Order of the chest of the Earth’. And it really looks like the order, when you look at pictures of Earth from space. Crimea surprising combines a variety of landforms and climatic conditions in a sufficiently small area that gives the Crimea special uniqueness. And of course the rich and diverse flora and fauna, some species plants, for example, are endenikami (ie found only in the Crimea). In Crimea you can see the plains and steppes, mountains, densely overgrown forests on the slopes, with a completely treeless peaks, the South Coast thickets a lot of old parks that have become part of the original card of the Crimean nature. In Crimea there is anything like so travelers naturalists: staring up mountain peaks, many of the mysterious caves (for example, Marble Cave is among the five most beautiful caves in the world!), majestic canyons, waterfalls. On the Kerch Peninsula, you can even find unusual mud volcanoes are still active.

I’m sure many people do not heard that they exist. Of course, an integral part of the Crimea are the two surrounding its seas: the Black and Azov Sea, which, incidentally is the smallest in the world (average depth of 7 meters of the Azov Sea, maximum 13). These seas Crimea is washed with virtually all the parties. Landscapes of the peninsula is so diverse that you can find similarities with many corners of the globe. It is no coincidence as the Crimea was chosen by the filmmakers, here at simulate shooting and Egypt and Afghanistan, and even other planets. A huge number of unique places where nature has demonstrated his rich imagination and originality helpful.

The rocky coast Tarkhankut, mysterious Valley of ghosts on the mountain Demerdzhi, fantastic in its beauty rocks and coves of the New World, an ancient volcano Karadag (Black Mountain), terrestrial landscapes plateau Karabi Yes … to name a few! But not only natural wealth makes Crimea unique place on the planet. Local places since ancient times attracted people. On this peninsula crossed the path of many nations and civilizations, perhaps so the story is full of the most improbable of Crimea events and turns. Traces of different peoples in different historical times can be found in virtually all corners of Crimea. Well, today Crimea – is certainly a big resort and tourist complex, which is based are natural therapeutic resources. Mild curative climate, curative mud and water from salt lakes and mineral springs can not attract a large flow of tourists every year. We invite everyone to open for themselves, this beautiful corner of our planet. Recall the words of EL Markova, author of one of the first pre-revolution ‘of Crimea Essays’:’ Sketches of my resurrected in memory of some more or less vivid and true picture of life and the Crimean of nature will tempt him to find a live Crimea, enjoy its originality and its beauty.