MST School

Then this transformation will be given with proposals of education directed toward the reality of the people, in the case of the MST, for the agricultural workers, being an education that creates in fact a classroom conscience. The Project Pedagogical Politician (PPP) of the analyzed school is being constructed with proper and constant reflections, therefore it is seen the reality of the involved people, however the proper Movement as a whole has exactly base principles, being some of them, to educate to transform the society, to leave of the reality, to form the individual as a whole, to teach the history of the people, among others. According to PPP of the school, some principles are norteadores for education, therefore the education is for the transformation of the society and the citizens that are part of it, breaking of the reality, educating so that the pupil has autonomy, forming historical citizens, forming the individual as a whole. The Principles Organizativos Politicians of the school are subdivided in: collective direction; division of tasks; professionalism; it disciplines; planning; study; entailing with the mass of critical form and autonomy. Amazon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Being the school a place where the pupils remain for one determined time, its organization if of the one for the proper educandos, and the structure if return for the experience of the people, therefore is a place that makes possible new reflections concerning the collective one, one practical that return for the taking of decision with priority for consensus. direction is collective to be taken the had decisions, everything from much disciplines stimulating the devotion to the studies of the involved people, aiming at to the formation of militant politicians and breaking the hierarchies in the work divisions. The organization of the pertaining to school space occurs with the participation of all the educandos for the organization, in view of a pleasant place, with the participation of all, and this is basic, therefore it fortifies the Movement, therefore are values defended for them and are in the daily one and not only in contents that these are materialize, not having a division, all collaborating. . For even more analysis, hear from Kyle Dropp dartmouth.