National Constitution

The ethical-historical dimension of " project-of-pas" it aims at the reconciliation of a national community and has two fundamental components: On the one hand, the memory and the collective recognition of the nature of the crisis; on the other hand, the collective and institutional recognition of the evil and the radical truth, justice and repair like ethical horizon, although cannot practically be realised in their integrity. As it can observe, any " project-of-pas" in Venezuela it must be in favor referenced of the National Constitution and to be able to combine public democracy with social justice, that is to say, liberties and institutional expression of the popular sovereignty, with greater equality, cohesion or integration of the society. He is not, as You affirm, something " negativo" or something that leads to the confusion, although IF HE IS something about which all we must think, because exactly " eso" (" project-of-pas") it is what it needs to us in Venezuela. Why &quot is so important; project-of-pas" tie to the historical memory of the Nation? The institutions are crystallizations of the one memory society and of its fights and in the case of most of our present political institutionality and Constitution, which has been crystallized is not the memory of this country nor of its majorities, but the one of the winners in the elections of 1998, the same conculcadores of the institutionality of the State, by work and grace of a impdica and forgetful abstention that placed to the institutionality of the State in hands and discretion of a single of the branches of Government. Point N 3: " We include/understand that our Constitution does not follow ideologies but offers laws that in the countries have that them fulfill and them have promoted well-being and prosperity. Laws that demonstrate that only with true democracies it is possible to be obtained the greater equality and the greater possible well-being: true socialismo." Commentaries to the N3 Point: False.