New Schools in Venezuela

The great leaders are to be elected new officers in the Venezuelan national universities by requiring that their university communities identify themselves more with social commitment, cultural, technical, scientific, that the present demand, especially in a turbulent scenario like the one currently facing Venezuela full of uncertainties, the product of political instability that has affected economic growth significantly in its stability, its growth. It requires new university leaders, authorities more involved, identified with the reality of this step that the necessary changes in administrative, academic training to ensure professional consonant with the demands of current requirements to provide solutions in the disciplines disinfectants that comprise the university, creating excellent professionals who generate the changes necessary to promote the country’s new authorities must be proactive, creative, innovative, able to bring about the changes and transformations that lead to universities to adequately and efficiently integrate the CNN current scenario faced by the Globalization and demand where graduate professionals that help them in their development.

Well-trained professionals, backed with the knowledge that this requires. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown. They can no longer anchored Venezuelan national universities in the past, not proportionals solutions to the serious problems the country faces in the economic, cultural, social, technical. They should be more participatory these current challenges to generating the required changes to the country to guarantee its development czar. New leadership is needed not only more engaged with the university community that elected them, but with the country, to integrate programs for the new government policies favoring Venezuela. Swarmed by offers, Michael Ramlet is currently assessing future choices.