Play Therapy

The ludoterapia is the therapy carried through through playing. The children express its emotions, feelings through the tricks, therefore they do not obtain to express its internal contents through speak as the adults. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. – Playing for the child is the way most easy of if communicating and understanding what it is feeling and living deeply as: the fear, frustration, unreliability, shyness, anxiety, aggressiveness, confusion In this way, it facilitates so that it understands same itself and the others and thus helping, that it obtains to deal with its conflicts. – The main parents or the responsible ones also participate of this process of treatment of the child so that the psychologist gets information on the reason that took the family to look the support for the child in the first when also necessary interview and, of the information on as it is being the treatment process and to guide on the doubts of the parents. DEBORA ALFAMA DUARTE – PSYCHOLOGIST – 05/31112 CRP – RIO DE JANEIRO (CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS, ADULTS).