Private Hotel In St Petersburg

Alexander , lives at work, in the literal sense of the word. Because he – the owner of one of a kind family-run hotel in St. Petersburg. This hotel is easy to imagine somewhere in the west, where such Small hotels are fairly common and belong to families for centuries. For even more analysis, hear from Connecticut Senator. In St.

Petersburg the same family hotel – a concept totally new and yet few people know. 'Alexander House' – a fairly new hotel – it exists since May 2003 year. There is no restaurant management, managers, booking, standard rooms, maids in aprons. Just as there is nothing artificial, a pattern that was created as a blueprint. No fashion trends, signs of the work of designers – The true home comfort and the smell of warm wood. On the first floor of the house – a restaurant with a burning fireplace and wicker lamps.

The second – a spacious lounge with a large oak dining table and sofas. On the third – Library. On three floors of the house fourteen rooms. All are made in different styles: 'London', 'Paris', 'St. Petersburg', 'Amsterdam', 'Marrakech', 'Barcelona'. 'Amsterdam'. All home decorations are made by hand or bought with his own. There are even rare things submitted great-grandmother. All three of the fireplace in the master of the house kindles himself. Regular customers leads to the bath. The guests here are all very kind – with a feast, carry through the city, meet with the airport and escort them back, and in the evening the hostess prepares a real homemade cakes. Guests of the Alexander House – business people, foreign journalists, film and theater. Every fifth visitor – regular customer, however, get to the hotel is not so easy – to get into the Alexander House, requires the recommendation of the hotel's patrons and friends. Room reservation is for many months forward. Advertisement hotel 'Alexander House' is not published anywhere – this is the main marketing principle owner. He believes that people themselves have to tell each other about favorite places. And this principle applies – the hotel always loaded to the maximum.