Red Sea Quot

So, rest in Crimea can not. ” Familiar phrase? Yes its just full of titles for all types of media, its pronounced in subway and on airplanes, in Moscow and Kiev, the competent and incompetent people in tourism. Now porassudim logically. Every year in the Crimea, rest, millions of people. It is statistically proven fact. Many of them remain satisfied with their stay. This case confirmed the fact.

But: “rest in the Crimea can not.” We have a contradiction at the very beginning of our discussion. What does this mean? This suggests that we are lying, ladies and gentlemen! Most shameless way. And if people are lying, then it is dishonest people. We consider their arguments: in the Crimea cheated at every turn, in a Cossack Lopan work most unscrupulous customs officials in the world, in the Crimea garbage service staff poorly perform his duties, the majority of taxi drivers – all the demons in flesh. What do we see? Dishonest people in their lies link to other dishonest people. Nobody claims against the Crimean mountains, Crimea Forests, history, architecture and other attractions. So it does not take away from the Crimea! The conclusion is clear: to rest in the Crimea is possible if: 1) do not listen to dishonest people, and 2) not to seek the services of dishonest people.

Except addition, there is a relatively small category of incompetent people with very moderate means, who believe that vacation in – a “cool”, and rest in Yalta – “not cool”. This is a topic for another article, but for now just to say that these people are profoundly mistaken, misguided and we do not take into account. It’s time to remove the second comma and see what happens in this case. “You can not opt abroad. Do not need special considerations to make Conclusion: This phrase was originally absurd. Pyramids of Giza – one of the wonders of the world, and diving in the Red Sea just incomparable. All this must be seen! And be sure before Paris. But it certainly is a joke, but seriously speaking, we denied both allegations set forth in the title of the article. Each resort, whether Theodosius or Sharm el , has its charms, and disputes over the advantages of one or another – it’s an empty hot air, or flood the network. Selection is yours.