Rio De Janeiro

Of such deriving crimes of lost bullets airplanes, fogueteiros, watchmen, oranges, informers and until executors of diverse crimes. work as a species of professional career. Many dream in being the king of the mount. She is the head of the traffic as hero of the crianada one that soon early it has in the real metal rings, machine guns or pistols its favourite toys. The chronic wound, the true cancer called organized crime, grew of vertiginous form and reached of form defames the citizenship and the internal peace of our Country. This immense cancer that corrodes and destroys the hope for the peace, for the dignity of the Brazilian people, this pustulenta wound whom the present generation takes to the discredit of the Laws and Being able constituted them in our Country, this volcano in eruption vomiting ferventes and incandescent lava of traffic, kidnappings, thieveries, robberies, homicides, crimes of all the types and corrupes in all the areas, urges of immediate, constant, concrete solutions and effective for its sanitation, duly warned our future generation to suffer> the Policy in the History of Brazil of authorship of our friend, Delegated of Policy pensioner and perpetual Policeman, PABLO MAGALHES, today Lawyer in Mato Grosso of the corrupt South and hunting of through its virtual company Brazil Truth, we detach the two first paragraphs related to the item Policy, Politics and the organized crime Decisions that had changed the route of the Public Security, on to the traffic of drugs in Rio De Janeiro, which are: Consta, of the Carioca police folklore, that former-governor Leonel de Moura Brizola, to guarantee its victory in the first candidacy (1983-1986), made an agreement with the traffic of narcotics through then trader of narcotics in frank growth Jose Carlos Dos Reis Encina (the Escadinha), brother of also dealing Pablo Dos Reis Encina (Pablo Maluco).