Second War World

The United States, one of the emitting greaters of gase-greenhouse, had been refused to participate it, alleging that it would go to compromise the development of the country. This is attitude of who if it worries about the world-wide population? The United States possess nuclear weapons, which already had been used in the Second War World-wide against Hiroshima and Nakasaki, without more commentaries regarding this, it will be that the world-wide peace was an attitude of who fold? They spend in such a way with advances in science, but it will be that she would not give, with all these investments, to help a little Africa, since the intention of them is always to help the others? The War of Iraq was an intervention to help or will be that it was pure interest as always? After everything this and more a little, because if we fossemos to tell to all the egoistic attitudes and desumanas that this country walked making throughout history for pure hypocrisy of them would not fit in this article, we must really leave one of our bigger wealth at the hands of people thus, that they nail a thing and they make another one? They really have moral to speak of us? although everything what the United States had made, somebody threatened to take the ownership of them on some of its territories? Somebody would have the right to invade under this excuse? They are simply wolves in lamb skin! We must acquire knowledge ours population and to fight to protect our natural wealth with small attitudes that we are capable to take. The government has that to have shame and to implant measured to save our Amazonian forest of maltreatment and, with this, to protect the nature not only, but also all the population, that depends on it. Well, the Amaznia is ours! 27 of May of 2010 Hisadora Keys. In a question-answer forum was the first to reply.