Sir Francis Drake

Pioneer Caribbean and Sargasso Seas, as well as the Bahamas and the Antilles is the Spanish admiral Christopher Columbus. His first expedition (1492 -1493) came from Palos August 3, 1492 from the Canary Islands, she turned west, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, revealing the Sargasso Sea, and reached (October 12, 1492) Islands in the Bahamas archipelago, named by Columbus San Salvador. Visiting a number of islands, Columbus, October 28 – December 5, went to the north-east coast Cuba. December 6, he reached the island of Haiti and moved along its northern shore. On the night of December 25, the flagship "Santa Maria" sat on the reef, but the crew escaped.

During his second voyage (1493-1496) Columbus discovered the Lesser Antilles, as well as the island of Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Soon after Columbus European powers began to fight for supremacy in the Caribbean. They gave permission to the sailors to plunder ships of other countries. The dangers of travel led to a rapid Development of insurance. Thus, in the navigation types of voluntary insurance soon became quite numerous. These adventurers are called Buccaneer or filibusters, terrified by the merchants and travelers.

These adventurers often drew strength against all vessels, without considering their origin. A team of pirates often consisted of sailors, who were not like the heavy naval work and strict discipline, were among them and the prisoners from the captured ships. Part of the production team captain and left himself and the rest of the right to receive the king. "Romantic exploits" of pirates becoming some story of adventure novels. Of the many thousands of pirate fame is not everything: the terrifying Edward Teach (Blackbeard), William Kidd loser, the famous Sir Francis Drake – English admiral. He has led many pirate raids, made around the world journey. In 1588, led by Drake defeated the Spanish fleet was the "Invincible Armada" which threatened England. The most famous of all the Caribbean pirates is considered to Henry Morgan, who later became governor of Jamaica. He devoted special chapters of the monograph and in all historical studies of Caribbean piracy, writer, Rafael Sabatini, largely relied on the story of his life when creating the image of Captain Blood. Legends of treasures hidden by pirates off until better times, still attract the Caribbean adventure.

The Boys

In this we had to make sure when we find them – time to find the right direction took a lot …. Finally, however, orient, climb up the side of the mountain massif Achishkho, the road gets worse and worse. … We have to park your car and walk through the woods fundukovuyu, which turns into a real forest. We knew that the dolmens are located somewhere on a hillside near the river Beshenkov.

Well, we found Beshenkov once, she gave herself murmuring, but with dolmens had more complicated. Have long walked along the river, occasionally climbing on the neighboring hills and inspecting them. Nothing. And it was not a soul around, no one to ask, as intuition suggests no. Nicely, of course … the mountains, forests, snow, river. But in December, gets dark early, a little more prolaziv in fruitless searching, we decided to return. Still, the dolmens appreciated our patience and let us look at them! Already at the exit of the forest we met a man with two children.

For the first time in a few hours we saw the people, and they also came to look at the dolmen. One of the boys had been there before and knew exactly where they are. It turned out that it was very close, and that we have twice were only 10-15 meters away from them and managed not to notice anything. Justify us only that the dolmens were quite small, just over one meter in height. At dusk we looked at 6.7 dolmens.

Provincial Island

Victoria – a city in western Canada, the capital of British Columbia. Located in southeastern Vancouver Island. The region's population is about 335 000 people, so half the population of Vancouver Island. Legislature assembly is the supreme authority in the province is British Columbia. The region has a naval base called Eskvaymolt.

The position of the modern economy depends largely on services and the public sector. Victoria is considered to be "British" city in Canada, there is a large number of British pensioners who have moved here because this is the warmest city in the country on climate. As you can see the city red double decker buses, and in the center are a few typical English pubs and shops. Victoria is known for exquisitely decorated waterfront flowers on it is quite an old hotel called the "Empress," a tradition, at five o'clock tour serves English tea biscuits. Even the city's architecture creates an atmosphere of old England. In restaurants, a variety of culinary direction of European Cuisine, Oriental, International. Victoria celebrated a great abundance of flowers that can be seen even on lampposts.

Why is the name of a garden city. Victoria is the southernmost city in western Canada. In the city the mildest climate in Canada. In the summer of no precipitation, temperatures averaging 18-21 C. Rainy seasons are recognized autumn and winter, but snow in the winter there is practically no. Such a climate attracts tourists from all over the world. For children city will be interesting to a variety of parks with a variety of attractions and marine wildlife. At the city is located 48 parks. Including the famous botanical garden, which is an amazing place. Here the fountain, and among many exotic plants tropical butterflies flutter. In the garden every night playing music and arrange a beautiful fireworks display. For lovers of shopping will be interesting variety of shops throughout the city. There is much to see and it is art lovers and historic buildings and various muzei6 wax, miniatures, ethnography, and locks. For connoisseurs of night life the city offers a variety of night clubs and discos. On the whole city of Victoria, a beautiful green and quiet town.


I do not think so, because in most cases, the entire hook hidden in the brush head. In a separate story float, because this component has a clear focus tackle fishing for carp is. I would say that there is separate type of float – float Karasin. This long, thin cylindrical float with a smooth distribution of mass throughout the volume. First of all, the problem lies in the float responsive to the bite crucian carp, which is often cautious and even a "thoughtful." About the type of reel to the rod is no definite opinion. You can put a regular and small size, and inertialess – as you prefer. I can only say that completely without coil is not very convenient, because when the length of the rod at 6 m and line managed better still with the coil, and it is useful to vyvazhivanii.

Sly habits of His Highness the biting crucian carp has long entered into folklore, because of the diversity of symptoms and signs do not, perhaps, none of freshwater fish. To begin with, that taste preferences in the crucian carp, by and large, no. It can catch, as the plant tips (pastry, cake, steamed peas, combined mixture, etc.), and the tips of animal origin (worm, maggot, caddis flies, etc.). Often used bait and bait, to carp, a fish which schooling, went to the hooks with a nozzle. You can free to experiment with the addition of aromatic components, because there is accurate data, which in certain cases, choose flavored carp bait.