Governor of Bank of Spain

So that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. Although it says that " europea&quot will not take to us to locate the rate of unemployment in the average;. The governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez, has remembered east Thursday that the reform of the labor frame is " essential to increase to the productivity " , so that Spain is more competitive and so that it increases his rate of growth. In their participation in XXVII the Day of the Circle of Economy, Fernandez Ordo’6nez has rejected to speak directly on the fact that supervisory and unions they have not reached an agreement on the reform of the collective negotiation. However, on the labor reform, Fernandez Ordo’6nez has recognized who " a reform of this type would not quickly take to us to locate our rate of unemployment in the European average, that is below the 10% ". Nevertheless, the governor has asserted that " a reduction of the rate of unemployment, by modest that outside at the outset, would have very favorable consequences on the confidence internal and external in the economy espaola". " The reform of the labor frame is essential to increase the productivity and, thus, to recover the competitiveness and to increase to our rate of growth " , it has concluded Fernandez Ordo’6nez. Source of the news: The governor of the Bank of Spain insists on which the labor reform " he is imprescindible".

Madrilenian Council

She has said that she is to the current of all the receipts but that the past year &quot was delayed; das" in the payment of the rent, accumulating a debt of 1,300 Euros, reason why was ordered the ousting. Mari Carmen has affirmed that " it remained perpleja" when one found out that it would be evicted when went to the court to ask why they did not pass receipts to him. The affected one has explained that " neither the solicitor, nor the court, nor nadie" they notified the ousting order to him and, since he is up-to-date in the 2011 payments and has paid until the next month of October, he protests to remain in the floor or that gives a right alternative him. Details can be found by clicking Steven Rattner financier or emailing the administrator. It was then when he went to the Assembly of Carabanchel to request aid, " it is necessary to kiss by where Pisa this youth that turns upside down in making true aid humanitaria" , he has declared. " I very am thanked for to the Ivima because in 2008 they helped me, when having my husband four orders of distance, looked for house to us son and in months, but the things are not fixed thus, I want that they give one me alternativa" , it has said. The Platform of Affected by Hipoteca has clarified in its accounts in social networks that they do not summon this action but that they support yes it. Unlike other attempts of ousting, in this occasion, there was no police presence although some of the activists has affirmed to see several " secretas" in the zone.

According to judicial sources, only in the city of Madrid they produce weekly between 40 and 50 oustings. " Problems of convivencia" The Institute of the House of Madrid (IVIMA) has explained east Friday that the case of the ousting must " problems of convivencia" , according to a spokesman of the Council of Environment and Arrangement of the Territory. " One is not any case of ousting by money problems, but it must to problems of convivencia" , they have pointed these sources, that are outstanding " historial length of problems of coexistence with the neighbourhood " of the woman, who lived next to her son of 16 years in this floor of social house five years ago. According to the information of pursuit of the own IVIMA, neighbor complaints had been registered with this woman. Also, it has maintained that in several occasions personal of the Institute of the House they have met with the woman. However, from the Madrilenian Council they have showed that also there have been problems at the time of ctuar the payments. " From the first day that entered the house it stopped paying alquiler" , they have indicated. Source of the news: 15-M manages to postpone an ousting in Carabanchel for the second time

Headquarters Superior

According to they indicated from the Twitter de AcampadSol, the Police placed " fences in all the streets to 500 meters to redonda" of the City council. The objective of ' indignados' it was to concentrate itself the past before the City council during the constitution of the chosen municipal corporation in the policemen of 22 of May and the re-election of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn like mayor of the capital. The Police also watched the access to the high street from Bailn and the rest of the adjacent streets, although with a smaller device. They simulate a burial Near three hundred people concentrated in the environs of the Place of Villa have simulated in addition the burial to the democracy, with a equipment in which they have not lacked coffin, false priests and weeping. They generally remained concentrated in the access to the high street by the Place of San Miguel voceando slogans against the politicians and Gallardn in particular. At a certain moment two false priests dressed in supposed cassocks and people have arrived who carried a coffin, symbol of the democracy. The false priests have requested duel by the death of the democracy and has animated to a minute of weeping, that the assistants have seconded. More police devices a spokesman of the Headquarters Superior of Police of Madrid has indicated to that the device created in the neighborhoods of the Place of Villa was similar to which was adopted this Saturday near you soothe of the City councils of all Spain. In the tactical mission of Madrid, one considered that the high street unites the Place of Villa with the Door of the Sun, that has been scene during last the four weeks of one encamped of ' indignados' critics with the politicians Spaniards. Watch live streaming video from spanishrevolutionsol AT Source of the news: Antiriot ' limpian' the street of ' indignados' in order abrir passage to the cars of Gallardn

Saragossa Constitution

Protests in diverse Spanish cities, among them Madrid, from the 18:00 hour from Atocha. Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastin, Logroo, Malaga, Cceres, Jerez and Saragossa, among others, will lodge manifestations. It will be requested to realise a rrndum so that the citizens vote the constitutional reform agreed by PSOE and PP. For Friday 2 of September, in addition, one has been anticipated " day of lucha". The movement 15M has summoned for this Sunday in diverse Spanish cities, among them Madrid, mobilizations of protest against the reform of the Constitution agreed by the PSOE and the PP, that the budgetary discipline in the Public Administrations will introduce. In Madrid, the work group of Sun Economy has made a call so that the citizens indicate from the 18:00 hours, from Atocha to the Door of the Sun, with the motto " Not to this reform of the Constitution. Nor an one step back! ".

According to the convoking ones through an official notice have informed, in the Door of the Sun will be celebrated one general assembly to continue deepening in the constitutional reform. For Friday 2 of September, in addition, one has been anticipated " day of lucha" in order to treat action and strategies. Next to Madrid, protests in Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastin, Logroo, Malaga, Cceres, Jerez and Saragossa will be celebrated, among others. According to the promoters of the protests, this " reform exprs" of the Constitution it tries, " to impose the benefit of a few on the will of mayora" with the excuse to order the finances, " to the dictation of the markets and the preservative governments of the powers europeas". In August and with the concluded legislature, it says the official notice, " the moment at which it is decided to modify the Constitution reflects a seguidismo to the most excellent representatives of the European right: Merkel/Sarkozy". And " in the wretch case that &quot has not delegated sufficient to prevent this democratic shoddy work; , the convoking ones of the protests demand that a rrndum is celebrated, in which will ask to vote " no". Source of the news: ' 15M' it summons for this Sunday protests against the constitutional reform

Public Administrations

It has said that the cost rule will have to include the flexibility for when there is recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe that demands stimulus measures. There is no time to create a new tax that burdens these rents. The economic vice-president, Elena Salgado, have said that with the reform of the Constitution a maximum structural deficit for all the Public Administrations will pay attention " very near cero" for one " situation normal" , to that it hopes that &quot is arrived as of 2018.; In a normal situation the deficit would have to be zero or very near one zero. That situation we want normal it to locate in the Constitution as of the year 2018-2020" , it has explained in declarations to RNE. Salgado has insisted on which in the long term and in normal situation the public deficit would have to be " very limitado" , but without the possibility that is eliminated policies of fiscal stimulus can be adopted when they require it to the circumstances. " The cost rule will have to include the flexibility for when there is recession, a natural disaster or one catastrophe that demands stimulus measures, although that leads to that in a certain year mayor&quot is a deficit; , it has affirmed. The vice-president has clarified who the present public deficit, that will stand out to 6% of the GIP in 2011, does not correspond to a normality situation, and therefore is not a structural deficit, but she derives from adverse an economic context that forced to adopt fiscal stimuli and has lifted the amount of the benefits by unemployment. On the other hand, in declarations to the chain TO BE, Salgado has left the door abierta to that Friday the Government approves an increase of the fiscal pressure in the great fortunes, since to create a new tax that burdens these rents said that &quot already; there is no tiempo".

" For a new tax on great fortunes there is no time. In order to increase the pressure on the great fortunes, permtame that we wait for viernes" , it said. With respect to if the great fortunes of the country have sent to some letter to the Ministry of Economy and Property soliciing an increase of tax, since it has happened in France or States United, the minister said not to have received anything in writing. Source of the news: Elena Salgado says that the Constitution will determine a deficit limit very near zero

Constitutional Court

The minister of Culture had predicted an official visit of five days. Gonzlez-Sinde has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies for ” to explain the policy of its department and the societies of gestin”. Who is who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Official notice of the General Society of Authors to the public opinion. The minister of Culture, Gonzlez-Sinde Angels, has cancelled an official trip to Japan that had to initiate this Wednesday due to the investigation of irregularities in the General Society of Authors and Publishers and by that she has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies. Gonzlez-Sinde, that it had predicted to arrive this Wednesday at Tokyo for an official visit from five days, has remained in Madrid to prepare its appearance, have explained sources of Culture. A appearance to own request – for which not yet there is date and in that the minister wants ” to explain the policy of its department and, in particular, the societies of management “.

The past Friday, after halting of the top person in charge of the SGAE, Teddy Baptist, the Ministry of Culture assured that he is not competent to control and to control the activities of management organizations, a work that correspond to the independent communities, according to a sentence of the Constitutional Court of 1997. ” Respect to investigacin” On the other hand, Gonzlez-Sinde requested ” respeto” by the investigation that follows the Hearing National and added that the main thing is that ” they clarify hechos” . In its trip to Japan, Gonzlez-Sinde had predicted to participate to Thursday in the inauguration of the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo, that this year it has to Spain like invited country. Day 8 was going to travel to Kioto, where entrevistara with its mayor, Daisaku Kadokawa, and Saturday had to give to the Order of the Arts and the Letters to the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The circumstance that occurs it does two years less than, in December of 2009, the minister of Culture had to cancel, ” by problems of agenda” , its participation in seminary on the Dialogue on new urban cultures in Tokyo. Source of the news: Gonzlez-Sinde cancels an official visit to Japan by the supposed corruption in the SGAE.