Events Around Church Music – Comprehensive And Overarching Informed

For the first time there is a sectarian cross-Internet portal of sacred music in the greater Hannover from November 2008 there for the greater Hannover and the entire region and surrounding area for the first time an Internet portal for events in the area of church music. Under the following Internet address: every music lovers will find all events in the field of church music, which presents itself as a very versatile. Sacred music is more than church music is music in churches. Excellent musical performances held in churches that go far beyond the purely classical proportion. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. The range of the organ concert of Bach cantatas and song evening, by the jazz worship about exclusive individual concerts from all sectors to alternative initiatives and commitment. Therefore it is first-class musicians a huge range with part. Unfortunately, these public events were far too little presented and perceived only occasionally. The new information platform has himself made, complete and religious cross-offering over 100 churches of the region extensively and informative to announce.

The music lovers is the regularly updated pages except the pure event notes, photos of all venues wallpapers to the music, biographies of musicians and references to important information. TCF Capital Solutions spoke with conviction. The churches were individually photographed for this purpose, and short texts to describe additional information blocks are in preparation. The national website is funded by the Chamber of the monastery and is completely free of advertising, also no cost for the user. To the action, a large, colourful poster has emerged to promote the be known this unique portal. It shows the most beautiful bell towers in and around Hannover. Steeples have a long architectural history. Symbolically, they stand for the effort of the people of God to come close. Many church steeples are therefore over 100 meters high.

You have a unique cultural heritage of the Western Europe given. The new Internet platform stands in this tradition and want to build on it. Together with the Hanoverian creative agency, coco, and in cooperation with the Association of city church and the Lutheran Church therefore the Internet portal has been developed. Contact: Cocowerbung Roger Heimann (Managing Director) Frida 24 30161 Hannover Tel. 0511_33 65 220 fax 0511_33 65 229 ISDN 0511_33 65 228 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 471637 – fax: 0511 471638 mobile: 0177 5040064 email: web: keywords: Hannover, sacred music, sacred music in Hannover, Germany, church music, events at churches, event, event planners, cross-denominational, national

Humanity Habitat Hall

The recruitment of Schwabisch Hall, who reaffirmed his commitment in writing with the signing of the Declaration of Heilbronn, is active since may, 2011 for aid projects by Habitat for humanity. At that time, a team of employees from different divisions built a House for a needy family in Romania for a week. The helpers so enthusiastically came back that ABR sent a year later still more employees on an aid project: 30 employees built ten houses in Ethiopia and were memorable for their lives. Shortly thereafter, trainees engaged voluntarily in a regional project for children and young people. This social commitment illustrates the special employee participation across all levels and ages out.

The social responsibility welds together employees and promotes team work and global consciousness. About Habitat for Humanity Habitat for humanity builds in over 80 countries with the help of donations and volunteers safe and adequate housing for poor families and organized the reconstruction of disaster areas. Through the use of volunteers, will contribute to the international understanding Habitat for humanity and gives people the opportunity to help not only from a distance. Since its founding in 1976, the charity has built worldwide more than 600,000 houses and renovated, more than 3 million people received a future as a result.


Its effectiveness will be by a factor of creative insight and to find ways to further development of society. This will be the autocrat of meanings in the way of the warrior, who formulate the ideas that correspond to the archetypes of the people, will political reforms, including a church, raise the status of the service class, will refocus the economy on the domestic market, will introduce the gold standard of the ruble and out of all international treaties. By 2015 the country will find its a completely new historical person and acquire a stable long-term vector (400 year) period. There will be a complete change of the conceptual power. Contact information is here: Michael Jordan. People will be judged on their abilities and practical matters. Country will gain a powerful ideology which 'mind and heart' will be for all peoples and estates, the society starts 'new Russian program' with a strong power and spirituality. In 2019 it is possible outbreak of the U.S. nuclear war against Russia. Connect with other leaders such as CIT Group Inc. here.

Through the application of asymmetric weapons, the nuclear charges are neutralized, contamination does not occur and the war will end in complete victory of Russia. After the war aggravate all the conflicts, Russia, strengthening new faith and a new ideology, be exalted and become the largest manufacturer and supplier of information for all the peoples of the world. In one form or another will be restored commonwealth countries in Europe and Asia. 2015-2027 years in Russia can be call-found 'the kingdom of truth'. The Transfiguration of the country will occur as a circumstance of force majeure in defiance of attempts to control the impact from the outside, knowing the truth inspire in people's lives meaning, order and confidence.

General Ray Odierno

Finally, the last information received from Moscow to Yerevan Azerbaijani residents and emissaries scurrying across Moscow and Moscow region, carried out fees in the "Foundation for the preparation of the liberation war for Karabakh", agitate and warned to be ready … and when This also suggests that the "fur fly" should be expected to Novruz Bayram – the same time! Plus, the same D. Blair, in his report, "predicted" that in March or the beginning of April, "Kurdish-Arab tensions" could undermine Iraq. 2 February commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General Ray Odierno was in Turkey for talks on the issue of militant Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) based in the Kandil Mountains in the Kurdistan region and urged the Turks to agree to "A broad solution to the Kurdish problem" for the cessation of hostilities. And on February 4, wrote a Kurdish newspaper "Rozhnama" American military experts from the National Defense University, USA, in its report warned against the resumption of civil war in Iraq, the main reason for the possible renewal of a deemed interference of neighboring countries.

But at the same time from all the "neighbors" identified only one – of Iran. Well, it's time strike at least an intermediate result that tracking of events and statements. U.S. clearly outline that if Turkey did not go to the next step towards the ratification of the Turkish-Armenian protocols before the end of March, the region is really will begin "a series of devastating events" – wars around the entire perimeter of Armenia, Iran and Kurdistan (apparently, something begins to happen in Afghanistan and Pakistan).


One of the leaders of the Nationalists, said that the government lacks the courage to confront the terrorists, reported the BBC. And – here, the reaction government officials, the ruling party. As reported from Ankara, Turkey once again began arresting opposition politicians to the Government. We do not know, is it really the project of reforms in the sphere of interethnic relations in Turkey could lead to possible early disintegration of the country. But what starts the confrontation between supporters and opponents of this very 'peace plan' may actually lead to a polarization of attitudes in Turkey and, consequently, to a split within the Turkish society, no doubt. In such cases, as a rule, the Turks into the political arena recklessly and without appeal beyond its army, the government picks up the highest the generals in Turkey. So – wait for another military coup in this country? Should also be pointed out – let's not jump, but note that the solution of two sensitive issues, perhaps, Turkey may not be on the back: Armenian and Kurdish.

And a much more powerful and mighty state fell apart when they tried to disperse their attention immediately to the 'two fronts'. For example not far to seek – once the U.S. to try and once in Iraq and Afghanistan to carry out 'vesternalistskuyu democratization', as stalled the entire foreign policy of Washington, acute financial and economic situation in the U.S., etc., etc. But the Turks 'fronts' are even two more will be – they try and dictate terms to the Caucasus, and the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict to intervene (though the Turks 'no waiting'!), and the communication on the position not to lose. Well What about here in Turkey is not 'tear apart'? Outlined the regional geostrategic picture for the past week can hardly be described as encouraging. Feels that all the resulting processes make factor additional tension in the internal affairs of almost all "big triangle" around the Caucasus (Russia-Iran-Turkey), and in the Transcaucasian region. And so we see again a large uncertainty for almost all the players involved in the process of the Caucasus. And do not be afraid to face the truth – namely that of increased instability.

Russian Federation

The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: 09 September 2008, delivered humanitarian supplies, 529.03 tons, including: building materials – 480 tons, of food – 20 tons, clothing and equipment – 26.5 tons, medicines – 0,03 m. and other assets – 2.5 tons (Appendix 1). all delivered humanitarian aid to Vladikavkaz 11356.53 tons, including 4402.3 tons of building materials, 3639.64 tons of food, 803.8 tons of drinking water, 32.9 tons of medical equipment, 145, 23 tons of medicines, 607.9 m. clothing and equipment, 127.1 tons of detergents, lubricants 1147.7 tons, 70.6 tons school supplies, 379.3 tons of other goods. Is on the way to Vladikavkaz: As of 06.00. September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there.

22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, POL – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons (Appendix 2) of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and physics). The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of South Ossetia (Tskhinvali city): September 9, 2008 delivered 249 tons of humanitarian supplies, including: construction materials, 165.03 tons, food – 23.94 tons, Drinking water – 5.58 tons, 0.9 tons of clothing equipment, medical supplies – 0.32 m., fuel – 36 tons, school supplies – 15 tons of other property – 2.25 tons of humanitarian aid delivered – 9458.44 tons, including 3882.73 tons of building materials, 3084.69 tons of food, 972.88 tons of drinking water, 30.8 tons of medical equipment, 102.92 tons of medicines, 595.3 tons of clothing assets 151.8 tons fuel, 130 tons of detergents, 85.6 tons school supplies, 421.68 tons of other goods. The motion of truck convoys: Located on the road to Vladikavkaz: As of 0600 September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there. Shipping by rail: September 9, 2008 in Vladikavkaz railway transport humanitarian goods not delivered because they were broken locomotives. To repair the locomotives will carry 'Sysertskoe locomotive depot' is scheduled for delivery by rail (in the path) to Vladikavkaz 22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, fuel – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons; of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and Physics). The whole humanitarian aid is a simplified customs clearance. According to the customs broker at the border of the Russian Federation

World Energy Council Necdet Pamir

What will be the fate of the energy of the epic, which in Turkey is called the 'bargain of the century' to be seen. While it is obvious that to implement this project, which discussed since 2002, will be broken quite a few copies. The first and main question concerning the fate of 'Nabucco' – it is his commercial prospects or guarantee the filling line gas. 'The process will not be quick, primarily because not resolved the main issue of the project – filling the pipeline with gas. Azerbaijani gas to Nabucco is not enough. In Iraq, insecurity reigns, and when out of the country's gas will be exported to Europe, is unknown. With respect to Iran, its participation in the project is not possible to normalize relations with the United States' – RIA Novosti said a leading Turkish expert on energy issues, the representative of the World Energy Council Necdet Pamir. The main gas sources of Nabucco are Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, but the volume of raw materials, some of these countries will be pumped to Europe, not enough to remove the pipe at full capacity.

True, Speaking on television on Sunday, the president of Azerbaijan said that his country's gas is enough to fill a promising pipeline. According to Turkish media reports that Turkmenistan has promised to deliver on Nabucco 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, and Azerbaijan – 8 billion. About 2 billion cubic meters of gas per year are expected from Egypt, and 7-8 billion – of Iraq, but with the last question until more questions than answers, experts say. Supporters of the Nabucco convinced that the implementation of this project, along with reduced dependence on Russia for Turkey's natural gas (about 65% of its gas from abroad, Turkey imported from Russia) will help strengthen the foundation for the process of its integration into the European Union as a full member. 'Nabucco' – not only the project, which reduces the dependence of Turkey on Russia for gas and satisfy its growing demand for it. Along with attracting investment (4-5 billion) and create new jobs (10-15 thousand), it makes Turkey one of the key countries in the energy corridor between the Caspian basin and Europe "- wrote on Monday in comments the newspaper" Milliyet ".

'Project' Nabucco 'Turkey will provide important geopolitical dividends. Through its implementation, Turkey will have the right to vote in the world in oil and natural gas. This project will transform Turkey into a global Energy Center ', – the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol. 'Signatures to the agreement in Ankara are very important as an example of political will, and should be considered in as a turning point in the project ', – the expert said the newspaper' Sabah '. A similar opinion is shared by Turkey's energy minister. Nabucco – not only energy, but also the strategic project "- said Taner Yildiz, in an interview "Yeni Safak", adding that through the implementation of 'deal of the century' Turkey will turn into 'energy safety in Europe'.

Dmitry Kopaeva

Any violations, of course, not revealed was. Today, the man who brutally used to discredit evangelical churches sektobortsy, returned to the bottle and is located in a drinking bout (Dmitry Kopaeva video statement). It seems that those who criticize Protestants and knows best how to carry out rehabilitation, can not offer the addict is no alternative. Serving "Exodus" – an essential social and spiritual work, which covers 14 regions of the country North-west, the Central Chernozem and Southern Russia. Over 700 people are today in 38 centers of social and spiritual assistance "Exodus." There's people get real value: a high morality, and morality, patriotism, diligence, comprehends his civic duty. The results of many years of hard work and centers for social and spiritual help to "Exodus" testify to their beneficial influence on society. And this is more than 2500 thousands of people emerged from destructive addiction and returning to the community for healthy living. Of these, 386 people formed families in which children were born 429.

For those figures, the specific fate of those who had once been in poor morale and physical condition and literally dying from addiction. Previously, these people every day, stuffed with a drug and alcohol ruin your health, traumatized, and now they have transformed, their feelings come to life: they love sincerely rejoice, and empathize with your neighbor. From scratch begin their lives, those who were once criminals and often contemplated suicide. People who were on the verge of destruction – now have families, give birth to healthy children, receive an education, successfully engaged in entrepreneurship and decent work at their jobs.

Golden Horde

According to Ms Merkel: "Anyone who does not speak German, automatically becomes undesirable for our country. " On the same day the XVI Session of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, which were expressed directly opposing views on the situation, which consists in multinational Kazakhstan, though, to paraphrase a statement by Mrs Merkel, "the man is not speaking Kazakh," in Kazakhstan, despite a constitutional declaration of rights and freedoms in a hidden, but it is a viable form sometimes quite limited requirements of existing regulations in some core areas of its activities, I do not mention the domestic sphere. Will Kazakhstan in its modern development multicultural society, to follow the Golden Horde, or "catch up" with advanced European countries in terms of democracy, will be forced to make such a banal statement about undesirable, but actually held the division of society, of course, time will tell. However, the methods proposed in the final document of the Assembly, now raise some doubts. Mr.

President, provides: "In Kazakhstan should continue work on writing the history of the formation of multi-ethnic society. " It's not that the concept of multiculturalism and multi-ethnic society is essentially the same thing. It is doubtful the possibility of "writing" of history. No Of course, you can write everything and at all times and there were at least two centuries of history, written in a similar way the history of the ruling classes, which at the expiration of a period of time has remained an official (Russian Chronicle), and history of the oppressed majority.

Dmitry Medvedev

Let then in Yerevan think that they can undertake air strikes against the Azerbaijani Air Force Lachin road. Therefore, if Russia does not want a just solution to the Karabakh conflict, Armenia or not listen to the initiatives Moscow, the war will be inevitable ", – said Ahmedoglu. Thus, the mouths of Baku began to blackmail the analyst is not Armenia, and Russia. Why are we talking about blackmail? Because Moscow repeatedly stated that it will not allow Military developments in any part of the Caucasus, and in favor of signing formal agreements on nonuse of force to resolve contentious issues. It is from this avoided in cases of Georgia and South Ossetia and Abkhazia it deviates from that, and Azerbaijan, including the signing Mayendorfskoy declaration under the auspices of Dmitry Medvedev.

The second element in the revelations Ahmedoglu more alarming. After all, he actually "localized" while the possible resumption of war by Azerbaijan – February-March this year. Given that the winter campaign, Azerbaijan, nothing has ever failed to produce positive, in Yerevan, reasonably decided that the Azerbaijani pro-government politician has in mind in March. This coincided with information about U.S. intentions, "something to prepare" for Iran in March – allegedly due to the fact that Tehran is "ready" approach to developing nuclear weapons. Now recall the approximate date to which the U.S. government is waiting for ratification of the Ankara the Turkish-Armenian protocols, which told the chairman of TARC in Yerevan, D. Phillips – also before the end of March.