The fun until the wee hours of the morning makes us compulsive hedonistic. The nightlife has become a way of taking the street linked to noise, alcohol and substance abuse, aggression, and destruction of furniture. It is a form of entertainment that the cry of the right to hedonism bulimic justifies all the trouble to carry those who seek and need rest. The evolution of morals does not suppress the barbarism, the perfect, so the watts of sound and the euphoria unleashed by the new designer drugs turn night into a jungle. The playful element in humans when corrupted, becomes a vice. Faced with these gentlemen, citizens took the streets to demonstrate and discuss the consequences of this indulgence: the regulation of local noise, closing time, police surveillance, permissive parents, collapse in the emergency medical services …

It is one of the paradoxes of our time, the street taken in different time for polemics on the subject, but with conflicting strategies. The night vivant no wields reasons, simply enjoy, the citizens peacefully argues and shows to get the part of government efforts be made to appropriate regulation. Perhaps that dark charm of the taboo, linked to the desire to know and experience sensations, has been completely buried. A ban prohibited the slogan, the sweet song of the sirens in the morning, distorted the young rebel within us. The sacrifice and effort are not compulsive hedonistic values that have risen to rule the immediate pleasure as a way of life, obtained by paying pocket blow as would permit excessive gentrification. No need to show empathy to others, so just have fun. And when the neon lights are off, to sleep and claim the right not to be disturbed.

Savior Cathedral Awards

I would very much have liked, but in reality, to There is no responsibility, and full support of irresponsibility. Could the church to influence the processes taking place in society? Of course, she does that, almost without noticing the poor, but very noticing, those who made them so. I think that is immoral world in which we live today, enormous corruption, injustice, largely if not the participation, with the acquiescence of the church, and sometimes when certain actions Imagine you are get just such a paper: Moscow. Christ the Savior Cathedral. 1020 th anniversary of Christianity in Russia, you are invited to the ceremony or somewhere, and it is here in this temple, "given the national importance of the contribution of your institution, and personally leader in the spiritual and moral and patriotic education, enlightenment and strengthening the power of Russia and beyond, greeting you with a high recognition of your merits and achievements and awards. But on the other hand this paper (not believe) – the price for awards. And all this under the State program (who would doubt). Today, unfortunately, faith in God and the church is really not the same thing.

God has become for some good cover and even the means to achieve their goals. In February, the program "People want to know the" representatives of the church was trying to (people) to convey how inappropriate today in the Church, but to no avail. It all comes down to the fact that no changes do not need and talk about anything.

Russian Federation

Corruption – the use of their official authority and trusted him right in order to meet their interests are contrary to law and morality. In one site I read how people responded residing in the Russian Federation on the question: 'When were the corruption in Russia? "a) Corruption has always been 79%, and b) have appeared only recently, 16% c) More difficult to answer. In my understanding of corruption emerged since then when there were money. And I think corruption has increased to the present day and increased it big. To date, I do not know such a profession or public works where there is no corruption. Particularly corruption develops in such professions or in public works such as police, customs, law enforcement agencies, senior government authorities, courts, prosecutors, hospitals, and any educational institutions.

And yet, as corruption originates and why people give in corruption? For example, corruption arises because of penalties. how? When traffic police stopped the car for violating the rules of driving, and prescribe a penalty, while some people are trying to negotiate. For more specific information, check out Richard Blumenthal. And on State of the salary is not big. And here it bribery, but bribery is corruption (corruption in the translation from Latin means "bribe"). And now think how many times bribery happens in the day. In second place – it certainly any educational institution, for example, the University, any student who wants to get a good grade, but not teach hunting.

And now he makes money, and the teacher puts the appropriate assessment. And I think it is: First of course depends on the person Secondly and mainly on wages, if there is a corresponding salary, then at what risk. Third least best place to work. If the corruption around and all take bribes, then of course the man who came to the specific position must be strong not to take bribes and did not get into corruption. There are three main reasons why people take bribes. But I will say one thing while there is money and corruption, but of course with it needs to fight that as something to reduce it. And so we realized that by "corruption" refers to bribery of officials, as well as their corruption and venality. The Professional Code and there is a special article, which did called "bribery".

Philip Kapleau

The World Parliament of religions, where the monk Shaku Soyen, he teaches a talk called the law of cause and effect as it was taught by Buddha is held in Chicago in 1893. This talk was translated by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, who would be recommended by the same Soen to Paul Carus to translate texts of Sanskrit, pali, Japanese and Chinese. Suzuki would begin a wide diffuser activity of Zen, first as a University Professor and later as a lecturer and writer around the world. It influenced key names of the European intelligentsia, from Einstein to Jung, passing by Heidegger, Picasso, and an innumerable repertoire of indispensable figures in modern history. Suzuki joined erudition in languages, understanding and personal accomplishment that has made his legacy a reference of the Buddhism in the West. Some of his translations of great complexity, as the of the Sutra of the Lankavatara, remain reference in the academic field, and his most popular works such as essays on Zen Buddhism have been read by almost all persons who have wanted to delve into the knowledge of this Buddhist tradition. Upon his death, the main temples of all Japan burned incense in her honor.

In the mid-20th century, and in the midst of the counterculture of the beat generation, appear more or less massive many Western practitioners both in Europe and in North America. Names such as Alan Watts, Shunryu Suzuki and Philip Kapleau, shall establish Zen in the West as an already quite visible influence. Since then and as it happens with the rest of the Buddhist traditions, Zen in the West runs along a path of greater knowledge about its historical origins as well as defining aspects to better fit into Western culture. Certainly, that should not surprise us as stated in that zen meditation with frequency may be as cash or more than antidepressant drugs to relieve the symptoms of depression and prevent relapse.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

You just need to bust some big companies. More stable company to buy out, will reorganize, restructure, and all will first. Thus, the world has existed for thousands of years But people get to your table the more serious reports on the situation in the global economy, have begun to realize that the current crisis is different from all previous ones. World leaders are suddenly talking about the need to unite and depravity egoistic approach. ‘The main thing is that all occupied a single position and act together “, – said at a meeting with leaders of European countries, U.S. President George W.

Bush. And at a conference in Evian, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the economic crisis ‘led economic egoism of some countries’. Yes, ordinary people today have begun to realize that the current crisis – and a special conventional measures, it can not overcome. It’s not even in numbers, not that required to cover the deficit amounts to hundreds of times higher than selected by the U.S. government $ 700 billion.

Subconsciously, people start feel that the solution we are looking for is not there, not in the same plane. Simple monetary injections provisions are not correct. So what happened with our economy? We revealed that we are all united in a single system. Globalization showed us how everything depends on everyone. And yet discovered how much we are divided and not together as far as not willing to compromise their own interests, even in the face of such a serious threat as a global crisis. So, the current crisis – not a failure in the system, and its disclosure, say the Kabbalists. The time has come to understand how we are all dependent on each other, separated and this disunity hinders us from living. And why it all started with the economy? Yes because an empty fridge assures better than any speakers. ‘Because of the differences representatives’ Big Seven’ were only declarative program out of the financial crisis.

Second World War

Israel's history dates back to biblical times and has goals. Based on archaeological excavations can safely say that the life of the Jewish people took the top ever since, just as Abraham was called on the government in Canaan. According to tradition it is believed that staying in a hundred years old, Abraham gave birth to first son Isaac, successor of the tribe of Jews. A marriage between 2 nd wife were born six sons, who became pioneers of the Arab tribes. Says These six sons settled in Egypt, where their children were in slavery before the arrival of Moses. Moses was accompanied by the Jews for 40 years years in the wilderness before they finally gained ground and obreli10 Commandments.

Continuing further 2-yl centuries, inhabitants of Israel have expanded their area and began to lead a sedentary life, as well as merged into a centralized state of Israel. First king of Israel was Saul, and David expanded the territory of Israel and made Jerusalem as the capital. When Israel conquered the power of David filimistyan than once defeated the Syrians, amalikyan etc. Descendant of David – Solomon multiplied states won by the parent, the economic situation has developed and built Temple of Jerusalem. But a major military uprising led to Delno country into two countries, one of them was active foreign policy and pursued a kind of religious line, while the other kept religion unshakable.

In the seven hundredth years bc Israel was again in captivity, but the Jews who were expelled from the country have kept the identity and religious veru.V during the subsequent centuries Jews have returned and once again leave its territory. Country win, make the part of their country, destroyed and rebuilt again. Living in Israel were under the yoke of the Arabs, Romans, Turks, Crusaders until the 20 th century. After this happened the revival of Hebrew, the Jews began to actively come to Israel. bm War has opened to the Jews and the genocide of numerous victims. Only after the Second World War emerged the state, Jordan, and Britain acquired a right to the creation of Israel that did not suit the Arabs, who believed the earth own. Europe were invited to create two separate states, and in 1948 revived Israel. But not gone a month, as Arab armies invaded the country. Thereafter and continued bloody Israeli-Arab conflict, and War, lasting to this day.

Professional Experience

Today we are a democratic country where any of its citizens with rights and responsibilities. By the way are not rare cases when they are violated, or just simply having periods where you want to support jur. K Unfortunately, our citizens is still considered very unshod in the marked questions are often most people do not know where to write the application, how to protect their honor, etc. To help us come jur organizations willing to provide legal services for a fixed fee. Try to consider, what issues must be included in the legal support? The answer is simple – it all: lawsuits, execution of ip protection of rights consumers preparing documents, tax issues, etc. In addition to ranking services that may be provided to individuals and the work offered to legal entities. For example, recently a very demand service is 'personal' lawyer.

You sign a contract with the firm, then you will constantly work one professional who will work with you to the period specified in the contract. The lawyer is obliged to to advise and assist in resolving any situation in which you were: traffic accidents, threats from third parties, property transactions, etc. This kind of work is quite convenient, as the lawyer already knows the main aspects your affairs, and at any time vsilah a little time to provide a rational solution. Very common in our time and services for legal persons, such as: legal support firms – this is almost the same as 'personal' lawyer, but cycling is not a specific person, but with the firm. Often, advice and guidance professionals provide an opportunity to solve disputes arising even in the pre-trial time, thus avoiding unnecessary costs and headaches. A separate problem is the selection of professional jur board, which will be after your partner. This aspect is very important, because there will be problems solved, whose importance is very high, and hence treat the problem of searching is very responsible. First, the most relevant selection of nuance – the experience of the lawyer, his past cases, the number of successful cases, reviews of former clients. Often assist with the selection may friends, who worked previously with any lawyer.

Barack Obama

But, according to legend, he said the envoys: "If you saw what I grew cabbage, you would not asked me to come back, "or something like that. To some extent, this story illustrates Downshifting, as a cultural phenomenon. Among recent Russian representatives of the lifestyle of the Lord shone Sterligov and Mamonov, but among the classic – Count Leo Tolstoy, author of "War and Peace." Flow engines. Downshifting slogan could declare: "Back to the roots!" But this is only an appearance. Motives and reasons for changes in lifestyle lie much deeper. I am not personally acquainted with either Diocletian, either by Sterligov nor Mamonov, but I can share with you, what moved me when you change your lifestyle. Firstly, to identify themselves daunshifterom must have a fairly high level on the social ladder, or "shift down" will not work. If you are already at the bottom, will have nowhere to move.

Secondly, the "shift" should be voluntary. People's democratic character daunshifterom I would not call. Third: From personal experience, we can derive the third component Downshifting – not wanting to follow the generally accepted canons of success. I see here one of the root causes, which consists in that, by becoming successful and having got to the summit of Mount Olympus, one becomes its slave. Obama – the victim? An example would be the next U.S.

president Barack Obama. Recently I heard on the radio this report. Obama's family is looking for a puppy for the daughters, despite the fact that one of them is allergic to dog hair.