The Father Still Lives

Observing the deep quo and the conjunct of the Father Ours, that in says of the kingdom the will to them of God, in the land and skies the sustenance of each day and the pardon as we are truily acting and to exempt of the temptation, and in the finishing words that we repeat, but Mr. Jesus Christ this showing that the KINGDOM, POWER and the GLORIA, are forever. Conjunct of intercession on loved that not even we know or we pray only for our next ones and the nations that do not want know that Jesus Christ can safe them and to give the true one felt in its lives, or missionaries people who had truily left everything to live its life in favor of people whom not even they know on the life of this person who this delivering optimum it Word to they Mr. Jesus Christ, announcing good the news, fulfilling IDE. We must reflect and change our way TO PRAY, PRIVACY with the FATHER, and to be sensible to hear and to discern its CANDY VOICE, and TO STOP everything if not worrying about, but nothing not it alone moment with Mr.

Where the tears run the louver leaves our mouths ties bitter taste, but how much, but we approach in them to the Master, we start to feel the candy presence of the Espirito Santo de Deus who cheers in them and in them he brings the force necessary to continue in the walked one, but mainly to be humble simple people exactly with the purchasing power that she can exist, we cannot serve the two gentlemen what we have of corporeal properties before Mr. Jesus Christ, you are welcome has value and one only broken heart that moves the heart of the Father. Loved we go to recommence and to learn truily to pray, as it was in Pentecosts that the primitive church to pray unimplemented joined in the same sensible and, was in this way that spilling of the Espirito Santo occurred de Deus, who transformed and impact all history and has ties the current days impaction to that truly they search to live a separate life for Christ and not conforming with the current world, and not for the religiosidade the dogmas of the churches the way of if dressing but yes TO ACT, to be LIGHT in the way them darkness and the SALT that of the flavor the life. When the Master to come to search its fianc will be in one to blink of eyes and happens the ravishment and to that to be, as he will be knowing that already he occurred and the person was because really did not live the Christian life who we must live, TO LOVE exactly to the next one that this has spoken or made something that did not please in them, and to the beggars who are in the streets next to ours house, work or even though of the church, we transfer the responsibility to some agency of the government, but to speak of Jesus Christ that it saves its soul. Concluding we must reaprender to pray and to live a Christian life as the Bible teaches in them. That the Spirit Saint of God, comes enabling in them daily to move and not leaving in them warm, believing conformed with the situation who we are living.