The Optimum Application

The application is the business card of each applicant. Personnel management makes on the basis of documents received a picture of the sender and is based on this impression. Accordingly, important are the completeness of the submitted application and its correct form. A classic application is usually from the application letter, curriculum vitae and the Annex. Congressman Lee Zeldin wanted to know more. In the cover letter the candidate presents his motivation to apply, works out his qualifications and may prove why he was such requirements very well satisfied. It is important to note the correct and proper language and to the external universally valid form. Spelling and grammar errors should obviously be avoided. Handwriting alone is the signature. As part of the curriculum vitae of the candidate is his basic biographical data and especially to his education and career paths dar. The CV should be continuous and restricted to the most important findings in each case. So it is for the agent ofApplication example, irrelevant whether the candidate has visited a kindergarten, one completed internship is however irrelevant. In general, the CV is written in tabular form and contains a meaningful, news and professional photo of the candidate. For aesthetic reasons and for reasons of workability of the CV should not exceed the scope of one to two pages. The annex contains all essential documents. Of particular importance is the school leaving certificate and proof of completion of the work or the completed study. Moreover, it is advisable to apply the appropriate internship and job references resolve to demonstrate positive references. Copies of certificates should be officially certified.