Video Unlimited

Win More Clients. Convert your prospects into customers and customers in sales automatically. . .

3. Customer service: Track your customers after they make a purchase. 4. Second sales (Back End): Introduce your customers new products that complement those already acquired. 5.

Customer Support Emails – Cut down on resources to Customer Service. Instead of telling their clients how to do something complicated using a series of text messages, show them how to do it with one Video Email. 6. Autoresponder courses in Multi Media – Instead of putting people to read your lessons, let them hear or watch him. A multi-media course by autoresponder gives the impression of much more value than a plain text course, even with the same content. Email Newsletters Multi Media – Bring to life your email newsletter. Using audio commentary and / or video to promote new ideas for their subscribers, will have a devastating effect. 7. Testimonials on Video / Audio – Imagine the tremendous impact they will have their sales with customer testimonials on video / audio. The effect of multi-media email testimonials on plain text testimonials is astonishing. Add pure realism and support their bids. 8. You do not have the time to send an e-mail to every customer from time to time, manually sifting through your address book. Simply type your message once. The system responsible for sending spaced in time as you want, and personalized with the name of the client, and other data. 9. Regular distribution of information: Send free reports of interest to potential customers, and be sure to include links to their pages. Some features of the business autoresponder 1. Software and Data Ela are kept completely in your own Web site / server. 2. There are no monthly payments or Third Party Ads or banners in any of your autoresponder messages. 3. Online Control Panel is easy to use and is password protected. 4. Professional, email addresses are always com for more professionalism. 5. Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited Media campaigns, Unlimited Tracking, Media Unlimited. 6. Unlimited Message Length Your autoresponder messages can be as long or short as you wish. and much more. . . For more information on the business autoresponder unlimited multimedia visit: ganardineroonlinesite. com / autoresponder-no-monthly-fee.