Warwick University

"Such habits – the professor Pir – can lead to negative consequences of inability to concentrate to the loss of direct contact with peers from the harmful radiation of the body, primarily because of habit not to leave off the phone on the nightstand beside the bed, to the impoverishment of the vocabulary of the constant use of SMS '. Similar view Maria Rita and adheres Munitstsi, president of the Italian movement of parents. She calls the spread of mobile phones among children 'alarming and is subject to condemnation. " Even from a medical point of view, 'As yet unknown effects from exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones to children in developing the upper part of the cranial vault and brain tissue' – emphasizes Munitstsi. Research Doctor Highland Gerald (Gerald Hyland) of Vorvikskogo University (Warwick University) confirm the doubts about the safety of mobile phones for children. Mobile phones may lead to memory loss, sleep disturbances and other health problems.

Children more vulnerable, because children's immune system is in its infancy and not as effective as in adults. Office of Research of the European Parliament published a report with recommendations to all countries – EU members to a total ban on using mobile phones by children who have not reached puberty. Use of cellular communication slows the development of the child and, at least in the success of harm studies, experts believe. Moreover, the experts recommend to withdraw from sale even toy phones and exclude any advertisement designed for children of this type of communication, so as not to create too much early interest.