Today we have a high tenor of life, we are living a new era of gold, of the technological revolution. We think big, we are big and our beliefs should be the size of our greatness. All have ability to success; the only thing that prevents us from applying it are limited beliefs, misconceptions and mental barriers that stop us to attract abundance to our lives and to achieve the wealth that we want. It’s amazing to know that with all the abundance of information that is at our disposal there are many people around the world who still believe the lies and distorted messages about money and wealth which are not other than psychological manipulations; that way it is easier to enslave the crowd for the benefits of someone, like the Government, the mass-media what chance have earn money, acquire wealth if we feed our minds with beliefs of scarcity and replace This malignant viruses that enslaves our minds? Also I seem to false beliefs that it is a sin to be rich; who wants to become rich has to sell his soul and only the poor have good principles and humility by nature, that is, money is the root of evil. I ask you, does it is possible to think that way or something very serious I think only my? We have to delete these beliefs implanted in the mind from childhood, modify them since they prevent us from achieving a high level of prosperity that is up, living the life we deserve and makes us lose self-esteem, doubting the own value as a human being. It is necessary to undertake deep, long-lasting changes in mind and continually assess awareness.

The universe is a place of enormous wealth at the disposal of anyone who understands give value with its creative ability. Being successful is our nature. Wealth is our natural state and happiness is inherent in our life. Our mind is powerful as a dynamite. Our power to build wealth is colossal. Let flow freely power mental and we endeavour always something better, we look for refining to attract abundance and bring happiness and good life. The money is so good; What llavamos everywhere as a couple and we love it because it is the symbol of abundance and inner well-being.

The way in which we relate to money and the importance that has for us expresses the way in which we perceive the world. Money adds something significant to our lives, i.e., being more powerful, confident of ourselves, we are happy and enjoy unlimited prosperity. Wealth is something so rewarding for anyone who is predisposed to grow, develop, Act and perform, feel good and happy. We feel completely happy and made as a people if we safe by our financial stability, about our future. Money amplifies our character and be. Who is good without money, could become even better with money and help economically, donate smiles to the disenfranchised. The important thing is to not become greedy, but keep us generous and healthy belief that money is always good, generates value and abundance, and is the root of the kindness of all the wonderful things that are indispensable for a dignified and full of happiness existence.

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If you are not familiar with the thermic effect of food (ETA), the idea is that the amount of energy that the body uses to process food influences the amount of calories burned during the process. If you eat the right foods, the ETA can burn up to 10% of the calories you consume. If you eat too much fat, the heating effect will be very low, since fat is used easily by your body. If you eat a lot of protein, your body will become you more difficult to make use of the calories you eat, and your metabolism in a food rich in proteins can be up to 30% greater than in a fatty food. Even a meal filled with carbohydrates will require up to 4% of the calories used for food processing.

The thermal effect of food may help to explain the success of diets high in proteins. Is the thermal effect of food useful? Let’s say that you eat a 300 calorie meal composed entirely of proteins. You can expect that more than 80 calories are only used for the digestive process. So that leaves you with less than 220 calories from your meal for 300 calories. Multiply this by several hundred meals and will have some significant reductions in calories.

There is some evidence that the TEF can be further multiplied through regular exercise, especially weight training. It is said that some complex carbohydrates and foods rich in fiber go beyond this, being so complex to digest your digestive system burns more calories trying to decompose them than the calories that these foods contain. Cayenne pepper, celery, chili sauce, coffee, fennel seeds, garlic, ginger, grapefruit, mustard, parsley and sauce are frequently cited as cases of this criterion. A study to determine the degree of realism of the ETA theory was conducted in Australia. The study participants were fed with plenty of fish, while the control group was fed with the same number of calories but with less protein rich foods. Those who ate fish lost 22% more weight than the control group.