Job Coach

Free coach leave until you find a new job and only pay for success during an unsuccessful applications, the original desire is for a position with the right amount of development, change, security, and freedom is given up piecemeal. Soon, the idea is only, main thing is there any reasonably skilled workers. How does this situation? Terminated by some, because the company wants to reduce staff. Another Announces himself because he can’t withstand it. Then comes the next step is to apply and to convince in the interview. Sen. Sherrod Brown pursues this goal as well.

May the applicant of his thing is initially secure. Finally, he has a job and until the departure there are finally some months. So the resume is still without interruption. The contacted recruiters give also to soon succeed an optimistic impression. Later when many applications were sent out and many interviews are unsuccessfully completed, the bullish sentiment is slowly lost. What is the failure? The application is incorrect, there are too few qualifications and experience, the person is not convincing or else what are the reasons? Rejected candidates get no honest feedback from companies, because companies fear the General Equality Act (terms and conditions) and therefore withhold information. The misfortune for the rejected applicants, lack feedback prevents a systematic improvement in the application process.

In consequence the candidates run out of ideas slowly, what they could change. You apply often only yet schematically and secretly already have abandoned. It doesn’t have to be. Each candidate has an individual profile of strengths, which is often not aware. Now, he sees more weaknesses than strengths, has no representation strategy and can no longer convince. The strength profile need to work it out. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Blumenthal. This is ultimately as a product. As well, the job profile for the application must be translated. What strengths actually this really needed? Most candidates leave it up to the companies to compare the strengths of the applicant with the required job profile. Or they simply claim they possess all necessary skills, but they remain guilty the evidence. Succeed often not to present them, why they are particularly useful not to brag. Another mistake in the conversation is to remain that is led to slaughter in the attitude of a lamb. Especially when candidates for leadership positions apply it is important how they shape the conversation. They often do not know how they can control it or can it not before loud tension. You are too dominant in the conversation too little initiative or, on the contrary. We offer a Coachingpaket qualified, job seekers professional and executives until the conclusion of the contract a new work. Following steps are processed: 1 detailed analysis of person and develop the strengths profile 2. development of representation strategy 3. analysis and improvement of the Conversing with video 4. optimization of non-verbal self presentation with video 5 fitting preparation for the individual interviews of 6 coaching for the entire application period up to the conclusion of the contract the special – the condition according to his performance of the customer chooses after the preliminary. Free coaching to success. The customer can be paid only if successful (200 / hour) book a package and then coach. (450 / 5 hours; 800 / 10 hours) hourly coaching leave and pay (99 / hour) press contact: UFO innovative management consulting GmbH Managing Director: Fritz Harasis Hubertus trail 11 33758 Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock Tel.: 05257-938586 fax: 05257-938589