Federal Republic

State power: from autocracy to the “dictocracy” (democracy). In recent months, Amazon has been very successful. We have a democracy!”from (un-)freien tell us our German politicians, elections ( unit list ) emerge, because all the power from the people. Which part do not tell us? And the result: apathy. We are the people!”postulated the ex-GDR ler. You may find Amazon to be a useful source of information. They were right. Supposedly ruled the people there with politicians from (UN) free elections ( unit list ) had resulted in disenchantment with politics. And? What is the theory? In practice had taken in both countries the (functional) elite power and formal means their rule over the people separated himself, to their advantage. Also the two (zwangs-) reunified German peoples without jointly elected Constitution and national anthem are unhappy politics again.

Quite the Duden has but in any case: democracy is an indefinite noun. Kurt Tucholsky said in the last century: If elections make a difference would have one long since they banned!” He was wrong! You would have to ban them, because they changed something. The Weimar Republic massively changed the consequences of its past experienced choice. They brought the leader of the German people A.h. (Reichsminister) with approximately 36% of the power.

The new Federal Republic changed the election laws so that this never happened to us. As far as alright! But then something went wrong, or? In my 15 articles about power and without power as cybernetic everyday process. (Part 1 on the topic) employed I myself already with the Ohn-power. The described there part the personalities and methods of exercising power: I supplement here to the in-formal power: power of natural sympathy, empathy and charisma. (Moral) Formal power: Granted temporary stamp- makes, such as through elections. (Standards) and the A-symmetry of power: who has the power to determine the rules! The 10% elite of a company exercise their informal dominance with their formal dominance over the 90% expanding dimensions and their sub dominance.

Jurgen Dawo

Why should because investments in the rental dampen the price brake or even prevent? Jurgen Dawo: Investors rightly expect that their capital is adequately remunerated. Make our experience but are investors to markets that in principle develop according to supply and demand, but if even momentarily under heavy state influence, a wide berth. This applies to both investments in the renovation and modernisation of existing objects and the establishment of new objects? Jurgen Dawo: Yes, because the scheduled rent brake applies equally to the initial rental, new hire, rental adjustments for current leases, as well as the assessment ability of modernisation and renovation costs. Investors, comparatively close State borders should be used so the reasonable return on capital employed. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. But, we agree that often explosively increasing rents in German cities in many ways are harmful Jurgen Dawo: without a doubt, the lack of affordable housing to eliminate not by the fact that the policy prohibits an adequate income to investors.

This creates no more additional housing square meters and has nothing to do with market economy. If not more so, how then? Jurgen Dawo: can remain the best way to fight or even prevent, helping many people to affordable home ownership housing shortage and sharply rising rents in major German cities. In particular, we talking about threshold households, so families with children and average income. Often, still historically low mortgage interest rates, a homeowner can be built or bought to rent similar conditions. This is probably the best protection against rising rents.

Apart from the fact that the own four walls have a high emotional value, significantly improve quality of life and is a first class private pension plans are. What should cities and towns do Yes what must, in order to achieve this? Jurgen Dawo: Local authorities must provide far more land than previously. For more information see this site: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Because many families may not realize still her dream of your own four walls because they find no building land in an acceptable location.

Caesar Religious

Discussion by the State Duma of Russia and now the actual passage of the bill "On the transfer of property to religious organizations for religious purposes under state or municipal property, "and obviously, I would say defiantly mean the redistribution of state property in the constitutionally secular country in favor of religious institutions that overwhelmed my" last straw "and its indifference to this kind of deal I found with my civil conscience. It just so happened that the last few generations in the post-Soviet space is absolutely not oriented to the basic concepts religion as such. The bulk of the population, of course, atheists do not believe "neither God nor the devil," some part of the population represented by religious fanatics, and there is a certain layer of doubt and wavering, thinking on the principle: "It is unlikely, but when something is in fact, it would be necessary, therefore, some formalities to comply with, suddenly be counted." But they all share one thing, but very, very scanty cohort of theologians, part of the clergy in the past, during the Soviet era, theoretically trained atheists, all people believe or not believe unconsciously, because people in this area are absolutely ignorant. The reason, in my opinion, lies in the fact that during Soviet rule was adopted the wrong concept of the religious (or as it was then called anti-religious, atheist) education. Mere negation of the church, without examining its foundations, the history and development of world religions has led to the concept of belief (or denial) for virtually all totally abstract. .

Older Life

Grab a bigger piece but meatier for yourself and the people – so that there is people – endured for so many decades, and still suffer. And to entertain – that you western "culture" in the form of pornography, drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, violence and science fiction mixed with horror. Have fun, the younger generation, distracted by any thoughts – you think of the older, wise "experience" with power and public minds. If you would like to know more about Connecticut Senator, then click here. They know everything about all taken care of, but until you grow, the adults – over time you throughout life teach without universities (and schools are also not required). Well, if you still want to learn, then, please, but only pay for international rates. Say that your parents do not have that kind of money? But it's your problem, we have – market economy. So how many years it is necessary that the family was the family and the school – a source of quality education? Can not say exactly, I only know one thing – the current generation (7 – 17 year olds) will never make up for missed the attention of adults facing all these years in power politics.

Do all the work in the "polity"? Rhetorical question … "Political life – said Solzhenitsyn, AI – Not the main form of human life, politics – is not desirable occupation for the majority. " At the same time, and this is an indisputable fact, the development of any country can not be out of politics. Even states that have the status of "neutral", have their limits and the outer internal politics, that determines their international political status.

Soviet Union

These attempts are like trying to squeeze a tight spring. And the more vigorously the initial action and progress, the harder it will be the consequences sooner or later, or spring breaks, or lies flat and full return spent on the compression energy. You may find Steve Rattner to be a useful source of information. In the first case it would mean a national catastrophe and civil war, in the second – a strong blow on the head for those who have tried to compress the spring. There will come a time when U.S. ruling elite has to be aware of these obvious truths, and ponder a new strategy in relations with Russia and the former Soviet Union, because the current strategy – a road to nowhere. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this. And it is not only to rebuff Russia's hard to such actions. By and large, the current policy is contrary to its own first-term U.S. You may find that Steve Rattner can contribute to your knowledge. interests.

Does not endorse or approve such a policy and most of the major U.S. allies in Western Europe. They see in the new democratic Russia as a reliable strategic partner in terms of mutually beneficial cooperation in economy and in terms of proximity to cultural and ideological approaches to the problems of the modern world. And they do not need to heightened tensions on the borders between the EU and Russia, jeopardize their own global interests. On the contrary, the leaders of some of these countries actively support the further rapprochement between Russia and the EU up to the removal of visa restrictions. Russia, in turn, favors closer ties with the EU.

General Ray Odierno

Finally, the last information received from Moscow to Yerevan Azerbaijani residents and emissaries scurrying across Moscow and Moscow region, carried out fees in the "Foundation for the preparation of the liberation war for Karabakh", agitate and warned to be ready … and when This also suggests that the "fur fly" should be expected to Novruz Bayram – the same time! Plus, the same D. Blair, in his report, "predicted" that in March or the beginning of April, "Kurdish-Arab tensions" could undermine Iraq. 2 February commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General Ray Odierno was in Turkey for talks on the issue of militant Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) based in the Kandil Mountains in the Kurdistan region and urged the Turks to agree to "A broad solution to the Kurdish problem" for the cessation of hostilities. And on February 4, wrote a Kurdish newspaper "Rozhnama" American military experts from the National Defense University, USA, in its report warned against the resumption of civil war in Iraq, the main reason for the possible renewal of a deemed interference of neighboring countries.

But at the same time from all the "neighbors" identified only one – of Iran. Well, it's time strike at least an intermediate result that tracking of events and statements. U.S. clearly outline that if Turkey did not go to the next step towards the ratification of the Turkish-Armenian protocols before the end of March, the region is really will begin "a series of devastating events" – wars around the entire perimeter of Armenia, Iran and Kurdistan (apparently, something begins to happen in Afghanistan and Pakistan).


Public ownership in fact no longer exists. Read more here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Only Moscow and St. Petersburg are still intact. Once they rivet the attention of not only the West but also the unemployed from other Russian regions and the former Soviet republics. This is natural, because there just may get the last piece of bread for his table. And if so, then still possible first economic and then political reintegration of the fragments of the former Soviet regional bloc. In fact, the mayor of the capital in more or less engaged, and so, and others. The time of his retirement chosen not by chance, as it may seem to many ("impulsive", "subjective", "hasty" and so estimates that sounds from the mouth of many, and characterize the resignation of Mayor).

Immediately, I note that all the talk of the quarrel p-resident and mayor, it seems to me – the version for the crowd. Using them is an attempt to conceal the true motives of the head of program-adaptive module of Russia. It creates the illusion that the head of state in fully controls the current events in the country, and if he has something to "get" is not so, it is rather "the lack of experience" and blinded by the Internet community immediately hurries to his aid, prompting a specially created to draining the creative energy of web sites as it would be better to enroll in a particular case. In addition to curbing the power of the masses that solved the problem yet, and demonstrate real narodoizyavleniya, which was allegedly in his work first person account of the country.


And the technique that was completely different level: at that time – the most modern in the world, and Today – rot remnants of what is not broke in the last twenty years. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jim Donovan Goldman. Only in 1988, agriculture tractors were delivered in 1308, 1914 trucks, 210 combines, a lot of other equipment. Over the past 10 years in the country significantly reduced the number of agricultural machinery. For example, the processor has 10 times less, trucks – by 7 times. Now the annual rate of write-off of agricultural equipment more rapidly than it is updated 6-10 times.

Significantly changed the cultural and intellectual level of the population. For example, in 1990 in Dagestan, was released 350 books a circulation of 2.3 million copies. And in 2005 – 35 titles a circulation of 42 thousand copies. It also features disaster and the degradation of society. Optimism – only from ignorance of the real picture I do not want to say that now everything is bad. The value of the few real achievements negated by the general chaos and structural failures in other areas.

For example, in Makhachkala, the streets crowded with "flock" luxury cars, but thousands of people were able to rebuild the spacious private homes. It seems to be a good thing. In Soviet times, indeed, many experienced the ban on completion of the second floor or fence – and it was not fair. Now you can build a house of any height and size – would be money. But what will be two-and three-story mansions, when dogniet almost dead public infrastructure? Without light, heat, water and sanitation becomes a luxury house luxury crypt.


One of the leaders of the Nationalists, said that the government lacks the courage to confront the terrorists, reported the BBC. And – here, the reaction government officials, the ruling party. As reported from Ankara, Turkey once again began arresting opposition politicians to the Government. We do not know, is it really the project of reforms in the sphere of interethnic relations in Turkey could lead to possible early disintegration of the country. But what starts the confrontation between supporters and opponents of this very 'peace plan' may actually lead to a polarization of attitudes in Turkey and, consequently, to a split within the Turkish society, no doubt. In such cases, as a rule, the Turks into the political arena recklessly and without appeal beyond its army, the government picks up the highest the generals in Turkey. So – wait for another military coup in this country? Should also be pointed out – let's not jump, but note that the solution of two sensitive issues, perhaps, Turkey may not be on the back: Armenian and Kurdish.

And a much more powerful and mighty state fell apart when they tried to disperse their attention immediately to the 'two fronts'. For example not far to seek – once the U.S. to try and once in Iraq and Afghanistan to carry out 'vesternalistskuyu democratization', as stalled the entire foreign policy of Washington, acute financial and economic situation in the U.S., etc., etc. But the Turks 'fronts' are even two more will be – they try and dictate terms to the Caucasus, and the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict to intervene (though the Turks 'no waiting'!), and the communication on the position not to lose. Well What about here in Turkey is not 'tear apart'? Outlined the regional geostrategic picture for the past week can hardly be described as encouraging. Feels that all the resulting processes make factor additional tension in the internal affairs of almost all "big triangle" around the Caucasus (Russia-Iran-Turkey), and in the Transcaucasian region. And so we see again a large uncertainty for almost all the players involved in the process of the Caucasus. And do not be afraid to face the truth – namely that of increased instability.

Russian Federation

The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: 09 September 2008, delivered humanitarian supplies, 529.03 tons, including: building materials – 480 tons, of food – 20 tons, clothing and equipment – 26.5 tons, medicines – 0,03 m. and other assets – 2.5 tons (Appendix 1). all delivered humanitarian aid to Vladikavkaz 11356.53 tons, including 4402.3 tons of building materials, 3639.64 tons of food, 803.8 tons of drinking water, 32.9 tons of medical equipment, 145, 23 tons of medicines, 607.9 m. clothing and equipment, 127.1 tons of detergents, lubricants 1147.7 tons, 70.6 tons school supplies, 379.3 tons of other goods. Is on the way to Vladikavkaz: As of 06.00. September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there.

22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, POL – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons (Appendix 2) of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and physics). The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of South Ossetia (Tskhinvali city): September 9, 2008 delivered 249 tons of humanitarian supplies, including: construction materials, 165.03 tons, food – 23.94 tons, Drinking water – 5.58 tons, 0.9 tons of clothing equipment, medical supplies – 0.32 m., fuel – 36 tons, school supplies – 15 tons of other property – 2.25 tons of humanitarian aid delivered – 9458.44 tons, including 3882.73 tons of building materials, 3084.69 tons of food, 972.88 tons of drinking water, 30.8 tons of medical equipment, 102.92 tons of medicines, 595.3 tons of clothing assets 151.8 tons fuel, 130 tons of detergents, 85.6 tons school supplies, 421.68 tons of other goods. The motion of truck convoys: Located on the road to Vladikavkaz: As of 0600 September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there. Shipping by rail: September 9, 2008 in Vladikavkaz railway transport humanitarian goods not delivered because they were broken locomotives. To repair the locomotives will carry 'Sysertskoe locomotive depot' is scheduled for delivery by rail (in the path) to Vladikavkaz 22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, fuel – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons; of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and Physics). The whole humanitarian aid is a simplified customs clearance. According to the customs broker at the border of the Russian Federation