Aconcagua Trekking

In the relentless pursuit of the sereshumanos find themselves strong emotions are part of esteproceso… It is evident that there are emotions and emotions. If we talk about mountain climbing, perhaps some pretenderian scale OlimpusMons (Mount Olympus) on Mars, 22 km of height and 624 km wide volcano.In the would fit several cities as Mendoza. But speaking of Mendoza to earthly yretornando, there you will find the unique opportunity of hacertrekking in the Aconcagua: the highest peak in the southern hemisphere with almost 7000metros in height. And that was mieleccion on an unforgettable trip to the ciudaddel wine and Sun, with a historical significativatradicion since its founding in 1561 make many deductions around the origins of the Terminoaconcagua. One of the most accepted is that it is derived from the Aymara, dondeKon-Kawa means Monte Nevado, reminding us of esapermanente condition of having the calls nievesperpetuas. The araucanos in Chile, gave him the same name calling to the rioque Aconca-Hue which means that it comes from the other side.

In quechua terminals is considered which means Sentinel of stone from deltermino Akon-Kahuak. As you can see all speak sobresignificacion related to the exceptional character of this historic montanasimbolo Latin American events and where it acquires the name the magnificent Agency who organized my trip: Kahuak. Dejenmereconocer their guides and experts made gala of its efficiency of the quepodemos reflect that he was at the height of this giant MonteNevado. I found with various options, ymas well stunned, because stretched from a decision to see what was very difficult given the wide variety of opcionesexistentes to cualadherirme. And it is quepaareciera who is taking the time machine and returning to enque times our ancestors roamed these wonderful places in loin decaballos, perhaps as amazed as us by the exuberance and grandezadel Andean landscape. If this I add to the benefits delmontanes, their typical roasts and the timely presence of good vinomendocino, is completed the triad of divinity inolvidablede a journey that never should never end.