Pray for our presidents. Marriage is beautiful, divine and beautiful, then by the same God we worship. If Nietzschie had been president of any nation a nation that had been weak and made up of homosexuals. Since the same for being contrary acted as a slave. The wretch says that God limps fence!, Daring his stubbornness and his perverted reasoning. The limp all his life, what surprises me is that, having studied philosophy has not found wonderful evidence of the existence of God. Nietzschie had a moral problem and the evidence of this are his thoughts.

For among those who have reached the wisdom of God we know that all who have evil thoughts about God has a moral problem, because if you believe God to be good bad, we are sick and darkened, look-evident truths, Jesus' clear and distinct. You remember telling them to judge what we do not know, and this made Nietzschie to judge God. Then I judge that he did not know. Nietzschie How could knowing God? met him in any way, we philosophers of God we worship, so all fake or lie against God the dust we, through our great wisdom, because wisdom is not ours, it belongs to God, This is why we serve. We are philosophers of Christ, Christ scientists, physicists and mathematicians, biologists and chemists of Christ. As well as theologians and Christians of our God. My works can be despised and hated perhaps destroyed. But it fails to uphold justice as long as you breath, to anyone who creates intellectual than its creator, and if life does not reach me, God would raise me better disciples, which will continue this legacy.