The Wisdom Of Solomon

My intention with the following speech is not the convince anyone, nor the prove nothing, not even it if it is true what they’ll tell you, is just an idea that I think it can be curious. I was reading reviews of the Bible of Isaac Asimos (a great book), a page at random, a small paragraph which spoke about the political situation of the Israelis at the time of the judges. The judges Word is misunderstood in our Bible, since it refers not to judges but to leaders, whose main function in time of peace was the mediate in disputes of their constituencies, create laws, manage roles that tribal leaders carry out anyway. During this time the israeli people was formed by a number of tribes that had in common culture language etc, but that did not exist as a country, in this way it is easy that they were subject to the vagaries of the nearby powers, this way is easy to see that it was a weak and easily conquistable people. This got me thinking about Biblical characters as Samson, King David, or his son King Solomon, and on this I want to talk.

More on concrete construction that describe how grandiose his temple and given rise to many legends, which have caused other etc., and since ancient times believed that it contained the key to decrypt the secret name of God, the word that is supposed that God created the universe. Around all this mythology is supposed that secret societies, who tried to protect the secret were born ones, get others, always a struggle of good against evil. But was that really the greatness of Solomon’s temple? The Bible discusses this temple as a building’s magnificent in which King Solomon has invested time and money buying precious metals by hiring foreign architects and mobilising a large number of people who would work as forced labor.