Lisa Neumann University

A big event is repeatedly Samba sounds or lights at the end of the year. Hardly anyone who spends it in front of the TV or even in bed. The online travel agency gives tips on where it worth 2009 especially to welcome the new year. Popular city breaks to new year’s Eve. Especially European cities such as Berlin and London are among the Germans in the trend. Hardly a hotel that complains about too little guests this time. In this year, but also a flight to New York is worth considering. The exchange rate was long not so cheap as it is today.

Is currently a euro worth $1.50. What travelers in the Big Apple”but must keep in mind the prohibition of rockets and firecrackers on the street is the one. On the other hand, it is not allowed to drink champagne on the open road. The American vigilante also on new year’s Eve make no exception in this regard. Feuchtfrohlicher it is on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Instead of champagne there caipirinha toast.

In comparison to the Carnival, the colourfully celebrated will welcome the new year with white decoration the Brazilians. The color stands for happiness and peace, strive for the people for the upcoming year. In a completely different way in white celebrate Kalteerprobte on Iceland. With lots of snow and ice, the winter atmosphere is guaranteed here. Add the auroras, which are already the journey to come.